The Body Shop Anti-Perfection Daily Solution – Does It Work?

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A just over a month ago I posted about the new Body Shop 3-in-1 scrub and mask, which I’ve been really enjoying! When I purchased that I also got their new Anti-Perfection Daily Solution which I was most intrigued about. Claiming to improve your skin in 4 weeks I had to test it and share my finding with you lovely people! I hope you enjoy reading my findings…

The Body Shop Anti-Perfection Daily Solution – Does It Work? ~


This is totally new product from The Body Shop, in a pipette bottle (larger than an oil bottle) this daily solution isn’t an oil or gel- i’m not sure how I’d describe it!

It claims to;

A lightweight, pre-serum concentrate that combats blemishes and improves the overall condition of skin. After 4 weeks, skin looks and feels: Purified, Clearer, Smoother, Healthier, Clarified, Mattified, Soothed, with reduced redness and imperfections.

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First of all, the packaging for this product is so nice- I love the old medicinal feel of the bottle. For £12 you get 50 ml of product, but like I say with all Body Shop products you can always get a discount code!

I wanted to test and try all three of the product claims; 1 use, 1 week and 4 weeks. Throughout this month I had some hormonal breakouts (as per!), general spots and all within the humid weather. 

My skin type in combination oily!

So, lets test..

After 1st Use : I’m not sure how to describe the formula of this ‘solution’’s not oily or gel it, so I suppose it’s a solution?! It’s lightweight with a fresh tea tree scent. The formula absorbs quickly into the skin with 3 full drops to cover face and neck. I applied a touch more around spotty areas of the time. Once absorbed the skin looked smoother with a matte finish. It does not sting, feel tingly or leave any redness like most tea tree stuff.

After 7 Days : One thing I started to notice, after a few days, is my skin looked better in the mornings- nothing amazing but just softer and cleansed. I still had a few breakouts but my skin as a whole was starting to look clearer. Although I must say I haven’t had any major visitors! Still leaving my skin feeling softer and with no redness. I had used 1/4 of the bottle.

After 4 Weeks : I have to confess here I did stray a bit from using this product; there was a major breakout situation which needed the industrial stuff! However, when I did use it my skin continued to feel soft and looking matte with the next mornings skin looking refreshed. I would say it defiantly did help my skin when I was using it either continuously or once every few days.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really do like using this daily solution; unlike a lot of tea tree products it doesn’t dry out the skin or have a strong scent. It absorbs into the skin quickly feeling lightweight and soft. As promised it leaves the skin with a matte finish. In regards to results I would say, wither using continuously or sporadically, it did show signs of improving my skins appearance- which is always needed! I wouldn’t say it’s overly strong (spot fighting wise) but perfect enough to be used everyday. 

I would recommend this for a daily spot fighting treatment; it’s different to the standard lotions / gels but still with the spot fighting powers. Plus I LOVE the packaging design! If you’re near a store I’m sure they’ll have a tester out.

If you’ve tried this new Daily Solution please leave me your thoughts below, along with any other good spot fighting products! 

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Anti-Perfection Daily Solution – Does It Work?

  1. I’ve been using this for a few weeks haven’t seen much difference, going to stick it out and see how it goes!

    Parie x

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