First Impressions : Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara

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Goodness me, its been a few months since that last mascara review! Do you ever get it where you have a need to try a new product..hmm, just me?

Anyway- whist perusing the offers on Superdrug last week I saw this new ‘Volume Reveal’ mascara from Bourjois on offer for £5.99! Bourjois is on the higher end of Boots/Superdrug so I always snap up any half price offers. I used to love their Volume Clubbing mascara back in the day’!

For my fellow mascara addicts out there I had to share this one with you- hopefully it’ll still be on offer! Do let me know your thoughts if you’ve picked this one up too 🙂

~ First Impressions : Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara ~


It’s been a while since I’ve tried a Bourjois mascara, or anything from the brand really! As they are on the pricey side I tend to to gravitate there. I’ve always wanted to try the Healthy Mix foundation but don’t want to way £12 on it! But as this mascara was on offer for £5.99 / better than half price it was coming home with me! Anything that claims to give lashes volume sounds good..

First of all the packaging is very nice; the prism shaped tube feels very sturdy. It always has a mini 3x zoom mirror on the side which comes in so handy- especially for plucking eyebrows! There isn’t too much product info on the tube aside from the name and barcode.

Product Claims;

” Reveal your lash potential with Bourjois’ NEW Volume Reveal mascara. The built in mirror with x3 zoom reveals every lash whilst the lash catcher brush with gripping bristles ensures all lashes are volumised without exception! Bourjois Volume Reveal mascara has a built in mirror with x3 zoom that reveals lashes you didn’t know you had! The specially designed brush catches even the shortest of lashes for lash by lash volume without clumps.”

Brush & Application


As this is a volumising mascara I was expecting a thick fibrous brush; instead we have a thick, soft plastic wand with a lot of bristles. The wand head is soft and not harsh on the eye. With a jet black and un-clumpy formula all looked good!

From the first application things looked promising; instant black lashes with a lightly defined lash look.PicMonkey ImageA second coat added much more colour, length and volume- without looking too heavy. I found that it was easy to keep layering the mascara with the ‘wiggling’ and ‘twisting’ motion working best! If I’m honest, I wouldn’t say it gave exceptional volume but just a very nice lash look. More lengthening if anything! This picture was taken after the first use- most need a few uses to dry out a bit so that is impressive on its own.

Having used it for a few days now I am really enjoying it! I’ve found it works best layering after letting each set for a few seconds. As it dries quickly (which is a good thing) it’s best to build each eye up one by one. You can do up to 4 layers to give a luscious length and fanned out lash look, with a slight curling to the lashes also. I still would brand it a lengthening mascara rather than volume- but it really gives your lashes impact without being too much!

For the offer price of £5.99 I would highly recommend getting a tube- not sure if I would pay the full £9.99 for this one though..I really like the 3x zoom mirror on the side which is super handy for traveling!

A very nice mascara with funky packaging! Great if you can still pick this up on offer, not sure it’s as super volumising as it claims- but still a very good mascara!

Do let me know if you’ve tried this one too, or any other good mascaras out there!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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