Revlon Colorstay Foundation – Stay or Go Away?

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I fear we may be very late to the Colorstay re-launch party here, but why change old habits haha! In truth, this has been a foundation I’ve been wanted to re try for a while now. But with a £12.99 this isn’t the cheapest foundation for the drugstore. Plus after seeing some fellow oily skin gal’s giving it positive reviews the want increased..Which is when my Boots points and store offers aligned which made this bottle completely free! Apologies if you’ve seen enough of this foundation- as always do leave me your thoughts below 🙂

~ Revlon Colorstay Foundation – Stay or Go Away? ~


A few years ago this was my go to foundation; it lasted all day and was just perfect. But like most, after the formula changed it was quickly replaced. You’ll know by now I am of oily skin which has been a theme here on the blog recently. So clearly we shall be typing about the ‘Combination/Oily‘ version today, in all I have been shade 150 Buff.


So, this new version claims..

”Now with a mess-free pump and SPF protection. In 35 shades for every skin tone and type. Flawless, matte coverage that lasts up to 24 hours. Comfortable, lightweight formula specifically made for combination or oily skin to control oil absorption and shine.”

I’m not sure how the old formula changed, or if these new ones are just back to the original? But of course with the ”all new” amazing pump! But like I say, it used to work really well for me so my hopes were high.

Time To Test!

As always we shall be testing the foundation under both a primer and light moisturiser and within a normal and work day.

Work Day / Full Make Up 

over : primer, green concealer, light concealer / under: light concealer, mattifying powder

A full work day is 14-15 hr wear; After 7 hours of very humid and air con environments I was expecting to look very shiny- but I my relief there was only a touch on the t-zone! My skin did feel a little oily but with the heat I wasn’t surprised! One blotting pad was enough to take away that shine and excess oil. There were no signs of it breaking down or oxidising. After 13 hours, with the blotting half way through, my oils had started to peak through slightly again but nothing major! The colour was still there, no oxidization and only slight breaking down around nose/chin areas. After 10 hours, possibly with a few minor touch ups this could have lasted for a further 5 hours I think!


Normal Day / Light Make Up

over : light moisturiser / under : light concealer, mattifying 

This is just normal, popping out to the shops or lazy day! Again, with blotting if needed. Bearing in mind it is VERY humid as I’m testing this. If applies very nicely and again can be layered to increase coverage. My skin felt fine for most of the day, only towards the 6hr mark I started to see a little shine- but only in the normal nose and chin areas. Nothing that I felt needed blotting! As with most foundations working with a moisturiser I find they slightly oxadise throughout the day. I have to say, considering this was tested over a very hot / humid day I was very impressed with how it held up under a moisturiser. Only towards the very end of the day (11 hrs) were things feeling overly oily! Very impressed- 8/10

So, does this foundation stay or go away…

This foundation is most certainly STAYING in my collection; it’s still as good as I  remember for my oily skin. It does stay all day while feeling lightweight and most importantly keeping oil at bay. With the colour being perfect for lighter tones! It is a bit pricey for a drugstore foundation but for what it does I will be re purchasing for sure. When I was testing we were having 3 days of super hot / humid weather so if it lasts through that normal weather should be even better!


If you have oily skin and haven’t tried this I highly recommend this stuff, apologies if I;m very late with this post- but I HAD to share it with you! Do let me know your thoughts on this foundation below..

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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