First Impressions : Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph

Hello 🙂

A few weeks ago I won a little gift box from my local Boots store, which contained a few of the bestsellers. One of which was the Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph Pencil! In the past I think I’ve tried a couple of Soap & Glory products, but there always seems to be good things surrounding the brand! And of course I wanted to share my findings with you lovely people! As always do let me know your thoughts below!

~ First Impressions : Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph ~


Now, it’s fair to say I don’t do a lot with my brows mainly as I don’t need to; plus my biggest pet peeve it badly drawn, kept or sized eyebrows…

I just tend to run a bit of a taupe / blonde pencil for arch definition. This pencil claims to both shape and highlight your brows, again highlighting isn’t a step I tend to do. But anyways I like to try new things, please don’t expect any instagram worthy brows haha!

So, what will it do for my brows?

”It shapes! It shifts! It lifts for instantly beautiful brows. More seductive brows now – (or your ‘old eyebrows back’!) What’s inside that counts? – Longwear Polymers  -Spherical Fillers”
It seems it only comes in the shade Taupe / Buff and for a ‘taupe’ it looks very dark one first impressions.
Luckily once swatched it’s not too dark, but one slightly alarming factor about the taupe is that it contains glitter!? Not sure if it picks up in the photo, but why would you want glitter in a brow pencil. Ok it’s not super glittery but really? The taupe shade was very hard and took a lot to get the swatch above, I think you can see how to formula isn’t consistent.
The ‘buff’ concealer shade is cool and creamy and soft on the skin.
Time To Test!
Again, I will stress here that I’m no brow expert or am a person that likes brows full and defined. 
As you can see, it did add colour but the pencil itself was very hard to work with. Which is good as you can’t be heavy handed with it, but it you need to create your brows everyday you’d be here for hours building up the colour! It wasn’t waxy or soft but does have an odd texture which I’m not so sure about. Weirdly you can see any of the glitter in the brows- I really don’t get that aspect! And they didn’t any better or different than if i’d used my normal pencil.
The highlighter ‘buff’ shade applies nicely but looks patchy when blended out. It also, as I hope you can tell, took off my base foundation around the brows. Honestly it blended out to pretty much nothing and had no highlighting look at all. 
So yeah…
Final Verdict?
Honestly, I think this pencil is from a bad batch or had gone off. For a brand of such standing it seems so odd that their quality would be like this. Plus I wonder if the highlight shade should have had the glitter rather than the taupe?
I would continue to use up the taupe end but that’s about it. Apart from that I would but this again. Whether it’s me not using it correctly or this one had a problem, I don’t really like it sadly. For £9 rrp it’s quite pricey as brow pencils go! 
Sorry that this isn’t the jolliest of reviews, but I still wanted to share it with you all. Please let me know your thoughts on this or any other brow products you like!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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