Top 5 Nail Painting Hacks

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The word ‘hack’ is fast becoming my favourite word and things to discover. Whilst scrolling through the realms of Pinterest and such,  I’m constantly exclaiming my surprise of the obvious miracle hacks! I’m sure you’ve heard of these hacks on the inter webs before, or they’ve been mention in previous posts, but I thought I’d put them in one post. Please let me know your own hacks below:)

(I am not claiming that any of these are my own ideas)

~ Top 5 Nail Painting Hacks ~



I’ve tried the striping tapes fancy guides in past, but honestly simple old’ sellotape works just as well! The main trick is to remove the tape straight after applying the polish to avoid pulling. You can cut it to all shapes, lines, sizes and it’ll work out cheaper if you use a lot. I prefer sellotape rather than masking tape as it can go through. This might save you a few pennies if you’ve haven’t this method before!

White Vinegar

There was a dedicated post to this hack almost a year ago,  which has been used in 95% of my manicures since! I can’t tell you the science behind it but the vinegar removes any excess oils- which can make polish flake off quicker. There is no lingering scent and I haven’t found it to dry out my nails or hands.

Take Away Coffee Lids

We all love a starbucks or costa, but next time you have one make you you save the lid; I’ve been using the lids for placing drops of polish ready for nail art-ing! You can use both sides of the lids and/or have dedicates spots for certain colours. Then when they’re full up- bin! They also make good finger rests whilst nail painting! If not this is another excuse to get a coffee hehe!

Nail Polish Rolling

I believe I first saw this hack on PolishedByAmy‘s blog or YouTube! Again, a very simple hack but it really does make a difference; simply rolling the polish bottle rather than shaking before use keeps the polish from bubbling.

Make Up Brush For Clean Up 

Again, this is one I’ve been using for a while and I’m sure you all use. Using a thin / narrow brush to clean up around the nail edge, to get the bulk off I use a cotton bud, but for neatening up the very edges a thin brush works wonders! I’m yet to try the eyeshadow sponge brush ombre trick also- let me know how is best to do it!

And there concludes my Top 5 Nail Polish hacks, please let me know your own hacks below or if you try any of these!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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