Manicure Mondays : NEXT Nails

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I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!?

We have a new brand here to test today, I went into NEXT the other day hoping to spend a Christmas voucher. The plan was, bearing in mind it’d been a while, to browse their NYX stand..which had sadly gone. But, in it’s place we now had NEXT’s own brand beauty range! After picking a few shades I thought we’d test them out and see how well they wear..!?

~ Manicure Mondays : NEXT Nails ~


Now, I’m not a big NEXT shopper so I’m not sure how new these are or what the details are. It was the nail polish stand that drew me in whilst thinking what to buy; I must say it was very well presented with swatch sticks and a large range of colours! At the time of purchase they were on 3 for 2 and retail for £4 each (14 ml) which is pretty middle range. Packaging is very chic and pretty with some stunning glitters, texture topcoats and a good selection of brights & bold colours.

The two we shall be typing about today are ‘Just Pink’ & ‘Glitter Effect’ I type this I now realise the link between this ‘Just Pink’ polish and their ‘Pink’ fragrance!

Starting off with my nail prep rountine!

Just Pink is a baby, light pink shade which claims to be hard wearing and fragranced- not sure what of but to me it was like any polish scent. The formula is thick but does apply a little streaky. Two coats gave an opaque colour, but some nails could have done with a third layer. It was pretty dry after 5 mins or air drying


Glitter Effect is a bronze, rose gold small glitter top coat which also claims to be hard wearing. Using a light dabbing motion one layer, with only a base coat under, gives decent coverage. Two being almost opaque and drying fairly quickly.

Wearability & Longevity 

Just Pink has a thicker formula but didn’t take too long to dry. However, after two days (work / cooking / etc) on most nails the polish was cracking and peeling at the tops. I can’t leave on polish when it starts to do this so it was only on for 2 days sadly..

Glitter Effect I LOVE this glitter; it is just so pretty with the gold / rose gold flecks. The glitter was fine within the above two days but I took it off anyways- as with all glitters it did take a little work but that’s to be expected. It dried well and didn’t feel scratchy.


Overall I really liked the glitter polish and would buy more of the top coat shades for sure, not sure if I would buy the standard colour polishes but I do have one more to test! The packaging and price is suitable for the brands price points, the range has great choices. Not bad for a high street brand, out of the two I would highly recommend the glitter / texture top coats.

Let me know if you have tried these NEXT nail polishes below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Manicure Mondays : NEXT Nails

  1. Lovely polishes. I’m all for pastels and really love a good glitter polish. Unfortunately I know the struggle of removing glitter polish. It never stops me from using it. It’s just some are so darling I can’t resist.

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