High-Street Handbag Hunting

Hello 🙂

For some reason recently I’ve been drawn to smaller shoulder bags! In the past, probably as I was at school / college at the time, only over sized bags had any use. But my lust for these smaller bags has been growing- also my collection…

However, all the ones I have are from eBay are a major sale you’ll be happy to read- so nothing more than £10 haha! As it’s my birthday in a few weeks I’ve been trying to find ideas to ask for, which gets so difficult the older we get right? So I thought a nice handbag may be a birthday treat and that I’d share my finding with you all! Do let me know you favourite bags or any recommendations below 🙂

~ High-Street Handbag Hunting ~

PicMonkey Imageh


H&M Burgundy Croc Effect – £29.99 – I’ve been eyeing this beauty up for a few weeks now, in store they’ve paired it with some orange pompom things which look so nice! The burgundy colour is gorgeous and I think it may be one the colours for AW 16. 

H&M Small Tan Clip Bag – £14.99 – The clasp detail gives this bag a hint or Rebecca Minkoff. A tan bag goes with everything and little design touches, I think, make a cheaper bag a touch more designer. A great size for everyday!

New Look Blue Tassel Chain Shoulder Bag – £15.99 – Brightly coloured bags aren’t something my collection has yet; again, the design and colour make it look different without it being too much. A perfect bag for nights out or to add a pop of colour!

New Look Black Snakeskin Chain Bag – £19.99 – I think by now you can tell my ‘bag type’ haha! This has the air of ‘Chanel Boy’ with the texture and chain detailing. A perfect bag for everyday with a touch of something to jazz it up!

Accessorize Dena Chain Snake Bag – £29.00 – Not sure what drew me to this bag- the colour, print and boxy style isn’t one I typically go for. Something about the blue and how different it is. Again, another one that would add a pop if colour to an outfit.

ZARA Chain City Bag – £79.99 –  This last one is most definatly a dream choice! The cheaper ‘Chanel Boy’ look-a-like which is selling for hundreds on eBay. It just looks so expensive and a style that will be timeless. Plus from a distant it could be taken as a Chanel hehe. I doubt I would ever part with the money as the above bags are so much cheaper! Hopefully I can find one on sale soon!

And there concludes my little handbag wishlist, no surprises with the brands mentioned! I may treat myself to one of these little beauties, or two…

Do let me know your’re favourite picks below, or any suggestions!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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