Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara – Does It Work?

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We’re back on the mascara bandwagon; today featuring the new Rimmel London Volume Colourist mascara, a mascara with a lash tint complex.

Rimmel is one of my favourite brands whose mascara have been good in the past, along with a few misses I must say! The new ‘tint’ aspect really appealed to me, I’ve had my lashes tinted in a salon before and (as I’m a blonde) it did make a difference. However the experience was a very weird one..

I hope you enjoy reading this little post and hopefully it can be helpful, we shall be testing the mascara and the tint effect!

~ Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara – Does It Work? ~


Currently available in all leading retailer this mascara is £7.99 rrp but currently on offer for £5.99 which is a pretty standard drugstore price.

So, what does this mascara claim to give us..?

”Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara is Rimmel’s first-ever mascara that, gradually over time, makes bare lashes darker and in an instant, the volumising formula loads lashes with jet-black impact. Its semi-permanent lash-tint complex progressively blackens bare lashes every time you wear it so that, from 2 weeks onwards of regular usage, your naked lashes look darker from root to tip! Rimmel’s innovative multi-tasking formula is a unique combination of creamy, ultra-black lash volumising formula and Lash-Tint Complex with natural colorant which gives 24/7 impact.”

Packaging & Brush

All of the Rimmel mascara have a similar tube, this one to the Wonder’Full ranges. The pink and black design is very pretty with the standard Rimmel embossing.

The brush wasn’t what I was expecting; it’s a wider brush with a lot of firm fibrous bristles.IMG_9108But unlike a lot of other mascaras the brushes have a square shape which I’m guessing helps disperse the tint?It feels very firm but without a clumpy formula which is great! Again, I suppose with the tint aspect it’s not such a gloppy formula?

Application & Wearability

I really like the brush for this mascara, the straight edges catch all lashes. You can get a natural or full volume look easily. Without a thicker formula it’s easier to build up a lash look without it being too clumpy!eyeThis mascara does last all day with no flaking or smudging- it does hold the colour and volume really well. It doesn’t feel heavy are irritated on the lashes- I wasn’t sure if if may feel a little different with the tint formula. With the lighter formula throughout using it did take a few coats to get a fuller lash look. I was hoping it would go ‘tacky’ like most mascaras do after a week or so.

It also removed easily, I did find there was a slightly black tint around my eyes which wipes away with no problems!

Tint Testing


Week 0 – My natural lashes are white blonde so it almost looks like I have none!

Week 1 – I did notice that my lashes, after removing the mascara, were looking ever so slightly darker. At most I would say they look a light brown, on my very blonde lashes it’s a small difference.

Week 2 – The was a touch more colour to the lashes, but I found that with different make up remover it differed with how much came off. It did however start the apply easier as it’s got tacky.


I can’t make up my mind on this mascara; it’s not a bad mascara but it takes a while to build up a full lash look. The square angled brush is great for catching the lashes with a firm grip. As mentioned above, the formula (with the tint aspect), is very light. I did see a small colour difference after the two weeks- on very blonde lashes a dark tint has never stuck! With my VERY blonde lashes it’s hard to tell the slight difference in the pictures but they were a very light brown after the two weeks. On the second week the formula got much better and become more tack which, for me, was better.

As always with all mascara testing it differs on the natural lashes, etc. I would say this one is worth a try, you may just have to wait for the formula to thicken. Let me know if you’ve tried it!


Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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