Blogging Basics : Top 5 Tips

Hello 🙂

You may remember my last Blogging Basics Post typing about photos and editing. I really hope you enjoyed that post and that it was helpful in some way! Following on from that I thought I would type out a few of my ‘Top Tips’ I’ve picked up along the way. Like I’ve mentioned many a time on here, I am by no means calling myself an expert at this blogging lark! I love that you can always keep learning little tips and trips.

~ Blogging Basics : Top 5 Tips ~


1. Plan, Plan and Pre-Plan!

I’m an over-planning for most things I do; list making, re-list making and double checking I have everything and that everything is always ready to go! When I first started this blog tried to think of posts on the day and didn’t have a regular schedule. Mostly down to my work life at the time. Then it came apparent how much easier planning and getting an order to posts made things. Since July time (I think!) I started to post mon/wed/fri and tried to get a structured variety of content themes. As well as sticking to my Manicure MondaysFace Mask Friday posts. I have also made a record, month by month, of the posts that I have posted. An archive if you will so I can easily check or reference posts. Plus it’s a nice record if I were to stop or lose everything!

2. Make The Most Of Scheduling!

This sort of falls within the last planning paragraph; I never really used the scheduling options at the beginning. But if you are regular reader you may remember I mentioned I had a bit of laptop issues for a couple of months. Knowing that I would be laptop-less for a month or so I scheduled 2 months worth of posts which made life so much easier! I now have a much more relaxed work life and have more spare time to blog and plan posts. Plus if I just have a spare afternoon or need to ‘capture’ a product it can be typed and stored ready to go.

3. Make The Most Of Your Resources! 

You don’t necessarily need a fancy camera or photography set-up to create fabulous photos for your blog; all of my images are taken and firstly edited on my iPhone and apps. For backgrounds I uses anything that has a pretty pattern; scarfs, boards and even tops! Simply adding some rings to a picture set-up can add that final touch. Editing wise there are loads of free websites out there- much like the ones mentioned in my editing post. Lighting wise I tend to use natural outside light. Maybe one day I shall invest on some fancier bits, but for mow these basics work for me!

4. Style & Take Pride In Your Content

Nothing saddens me more to see blog posts with blurry and dull photos. I understand that the lighting and photo editing may not be accessible to some. Creating sharp and well presented images gives readers, plus perhaps possible company viewers, the best view of your blog. Everyone had their own style they have and what works for them. I personally think that if you take pride and put care into your posts it all reflects on the blog image.

5. Enjoy Your Hobby!

For some lucky people the blogging world may be how they make their living. But for most of us it’s a lovely little hobby. Like most things, if you really don’t enjoy ‘it’ or doing ‘it’ you may as well get out! It is so lovely interacting with fellow bloggers and reading everyone’s posts. The social media side is also key for a blogger. I’m so glad that I started this little blog and, as always, a massive Thank You to all that read and comment!

So there are my 5 Top Tips For Blogging- again I am by no means an expert on this all! Please let me know or link me to your blogging tips below!

I really hope this post could be helpful in some way- again I’m no expert but this way has been working well for me so far!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Blogging Basics : Top 5 Tips

  1. thank you so much! (: yes it will still go online even if you’re not- I’ve just been 3 days without checking wordpress due to work and everything has gone up! I have the app but that’s more for checking comments and data rather than posting- hope that helps!

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  2. I loved reading it. Hey, can you help me with something? If I schedule posts, will it be posted even if I don’t come online?

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