What Are Your #BeachDayMusts?

Hello 🙂

The beach has to be one of my favourite places to go, sadly I don’t get to go as often as I’d like! This lovely weather we’ve been having in the UK had been great- even if it’s been for a few hours haha! I’m not close to a beach here but I must go at least once this year.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d put together a little blog post about my #BeachDayMusts, a tag which you may have been seeing in the blogging world! I hope you like my picks, do let me know yours and/or links to your posts below! 🙂

~ What Are Your #BeachDayMusts ~


Havaianas : These flipflops have featured many a time a time on here; yes they are pricey for flipflops but they last for years and are SO comfy! My basic pair have been going for almost 3 three years (with constant summer use) and could pass for new. If you’ve never tried a pair on, be sure to asap!

Floral 2 Piece Swimsuit : Pretty sure I’ve mentioned on here that I am not one for the heat, or skimpy bikinis! But if I had a better figure / was brave enough something high-waisted would be a go-to. They hide the lumps and bumps whilst also providing a bit of control. This one is from AdoreMe.com who do ranges for all shapes and sizes. A sneaky black panel also gives you the illusion of being slightly smaller. I also need a lot of support in the cleavage area so these hefty straps

Crochet Cover Up : This super pretty top is also from AdoreMe.com – again I’m all for keeping covered in the sun, I burn like a crisp so prevention is key! Plus with any type of cover up top or dress it can be worn as an actual outfit. Pop a white cami top under this, blue jeans and tan sandals and you’re ready for a day out!

H&M Oversized Bag : Again, you all know my love for H&M bags..For the beach I must prefer using non canvas bags. They keep clean better and are easier the use for everyday too. With a relaxed, slouchy look you can throw everything in and still look great.

Ray Ban Wayfarers : I’ve been lusting over a pair of these for years now and recently splurged on a pair! The iconic wayfarer look is timeless and goes with every outfit. They are a lot better than cheap sunglasses and much better made. Although now I want more styles…

Over-Sized Straw Hat : Like I said, I have to be careful in the sun as I burn very easily. I wish I could pull of the chic style of these over sized hats, but alas no. Everywhere does these style hats in a variety of colours and fabrics. Paired with a beach or everyday outfit this straw fabric would add a touch of boho to your look!

And there concludes my #BeachDayMusts post, I hope you liked my picks- do let me know your must haves below!

As Always, Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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