Test & Review : The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50 +

Hello 🙂

Knowing my luck it’s probably raining whilst you’re reading this…

I really don’t do well with the heat and humidity we’re having in the UK at the moment; headaches, feeling to hot and being careful not to catch the sun! Even when we’re out in the sun my first point of call is to find some shade.

Most of my foundations have a low level SPF anyway, but recently I was in need of higher powers. I wanted to find something that would work under make up but still give the protection needed. Which is when I came across the new Skin Defence 50 + from The Body Shop.

~ Test & Review : The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50 + ~


First of all, how pretty is the packaging?! Crisp white with chic rose gold. As part of their more premium range it is more pricey at £16 but a little goes a long way, plus I would probably only use it when I need the SPF.

This new multi protection essence claims: ”A feather light, milk-to-water essence with broad spectrum UV filters, brightening red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C, to help protect skin against multiple skin aggressors, while providing utmost comfort. With 50 ++++ UVA and UVB protection. Apply onto face and neck, and gently massage onto skin every morning after your daily moisturiser, before applying make-up. Avoiding the eye area, this product is best applied as part of your morning regime, or before exposure to UV.

As stated the formula is lightweight and milk like.


It quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a soft and smooth  feeling. As with all primers and moisturers I let it sit for 5 mins. A little really does go a long way without a greasy layer.

I’d purchased this as I was going to Goodwood FOS where the weather was set for hot! However I made sure to test it beforehand in case of any issues; it feels lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a soft and smooth surface. As with all primers I let it set for 5 mins. Both full and basic make up applied well over the essence. 

My make up did look nice with no extra shine or different finish. It wore really well throughout the day, I was a little oily towards 8pm but that’s the same with anything. It controlled my oil really well and felt comfortable throughout the day. The only minimal downside was that is did give me a few breakouts around my neck, however this was only after the first use. My hopes for it lasting through Goodwood day were high…

Time For The Big Test :

This was a LONG day- 5am to 10pm! I applied the good amount with a little more to cheek and nose areas. Against it I wore my Rimmel 25hr Foundation which has an extra SPF 20, I’m never sure whether it all adds in or the top layer works best? Again, it was fine under my makeup which was medium coverage for the day. 

Now, it was a very warm day on the Friday- I always try and stay out of the sun when I can anyway but I also got the test how it fared with sunglasses. We did a lot of walking in a lot of exhaust fumes and dusty atmospheres- it’s fair to say this was some decent tests! I kept checking that I wasn’t going red throughout the day. 

Half Way Though…

After about 6 hours there was a sheen on my skin, nothing drastically oily but ‘dewy’. My skin didn’t feel that oily and my makeup didn’t appear to be breaking down. I applied a touch of powder at the point just to keep it going for the afternoon! 

Towards the end of the next 6 hours my skin was starting to feel more oily, also looking so too. By this point though we were nearing home so it wasn’t too bad, also I was pretty shattered haha! There was still no redness to my face and my make up hadn’t broken down too much either.

It had started to move under the nose of my sunglasses, it wasn’t too noticeable and I did expect some sort of mark. So not too bad on that front.

At The End Of The Day…

At this point everything was getting a bit uncomfortable, honestly I was expecting to find some redness on my cheeks after removing..but luckily everything was fine! I did apply some aloe vera to soothe my warm face. The only redness I did find was on my back, whoops…In the morning everything was absolutley fine, possibly a smidge tan but after foundation who could tell!


I am SO impressed with this primer / essence whatever you will call it! It lasted throughout a 13 hour day with minimal errors- baring in mind I am of oily skined people. For a normal every day it wears perfectly!

Personally I’m going to keep this for when I need that hit of sun protectant which make it best value for money! Or if I went on regular fancy holidays..If you burn easily and want to no thick face SPF this is an amazing one to try- you can always get a sample in store. It is on the slightly pricer side, but for me it’s well worth it!

Please do let me know you thoughts on this or blog posts below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Test & Review : The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50 +

  1. I have just been looking for a new SPF so I am so glad I clicked on this post! £16 isn’t too bad either considering some SPFs can get really expensive 😦 Definitely going to be trying this and when the Body Shop has one of their 40% off events this will be a bargain! x

    Liv | Ramblingsofamakeuplover.blogspot.co.uk

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