First Mini Scrap-Booking Haul

Hello 🙂

This is possibly the start of a new obsession..potentially a dangerous one haha. As always I’m very late to the party’ with all this but, I think, I’m soon to be hooked! I started compiling a DIY Recipe Scrapbook project / post last year which never really went anywhere..Oddly, crafty videos have kept popping up on my YouTube suggestions recently. So with a few eBay purchases later I did a mini spree for a few new bits. I know that scrap-booking / crafting has a whole other world, but I thought I would share my findings on maybe some mini product reviews on here- please let me know what you think of this!

If you’re a crafty blogger / instagrammer please leave your links below for following 🙂

My plan is to continue to make my own recipe book or storage folder of sorts. My life isn’t interesting enough to document, but I definitely want to try all the different crafty mediums- any suggestion please let me know! Most of these bits are from eBay purchased recently and last year.

~ First Mini Scrap-Booking Haul ~


Gold Design Washi Tape

I swear I could look and and buy washi tape ALL day long! It can either be super cheap or super pricey, all good old’ eBay purchases here you’ll be pleased to know. The plan (at the moment) is to go along the black / gold / kraft colour scheme. When I purchased these tapes there were only 3 available out of the 10. For £1.70 each they aren’t too bad- of course sellers and prices always change. Super pretty and I can’t wait to use them all! Gold Dot   –     Gold Chevron    –     Large Gold Dot

Mini Stamping Sets

You can find these mini stamping sets everywhere- I went for the more handwriting style fonts but there are so many choices! Like the tapes, I could look at different fonts for hours on end. All these 30 pc sets were £1.99 and with the below ink pads the seller combines all the postage. For the price these are a bargain- no doubt i’ll be buying more fonts soon haha!

Dovecraft Ink Pads

Trying to stick with a gold / rose gold theme I purchased the shades; Natural, Crystal White, Copper and Silver. Hopefully as these say ‘premium ink’ they should be good and last a good while. Again, at 99p each I could have gotten all the shades- I’m hoping the white will give a chalk pen look. Let me know if a follow up review would be helpful!

The Works Washi Tapes & Lables

I picked up a few sets of mini washi tapes and these label sets the other weekend. The Works is always super cheap and has so many funky crafty bits. Sadly I kind find these exact ones online but there are loads of other bits, which are potentially going into another basket…

Paperchase Kraft Ring Folder

I got these next few bits last year, I love the rustic Kraft look. As I’m planning a recipe folder I though being able to add / take out recipes would be easier than trying to allocate pages to each. I have the A5 but they do all the standard sizes.

A5 Clear Pocket Folder

Again, with the recipe idea I’m going try these and possibly laminating each page to keep them clean. You can probably get these wallets even cheaper in Poundland but I’ve yet to have a look!

All the other papers and pens are bits I had already, all I think from Paperchase or Tescos!

I hope this had been a fun little post to read, do leave links if you have a craft blog / twitter or instagram below! Or if you have any good shops / sites or tips!?

As Always, Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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