Gosh Prime ‘n’ Set Powder – The Oily Skin Savior?

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I’m sure you have all seen this powder on the blogging and YouTube lands before- as always I’m late with all the hype products! But recently, with the UK humidity, I’ve found my regular base products haven’t been holding up so well. I work in as small shop with a heavy duty air-con system! When it comes to a foundation I like a medium coverage, with oily skin plus the rising heat / humidity is not a good mix..Which is when I suddenly remembered looking at the setting powder. I’ve seen and debated trying it for a while and this weather was the perfect test!

If you’ve tried this powder, or have any solutions for oily skin, please leave a comment below!

~ Gosh Prime ‘n’ Set Powder – The Oily Skin Savior? ~


Test 1 – As Setting Powder

over : primer, green concealer, light concealer and foundation

I was a bit worried, as this powder is white, it would leave me with a very pale face- but luckily is was fine. I used a flat top powder brush and patted the powder on, rather than swirling. It quickly mattified my skin but without it looking heavy or cakey which was really nice. More normal powder (17 matte) adds a touch more colour / coverage but I did like the finish. I tested it through a 12 hours day with 5 hours at work: it did a really good job at keeping my oiliness at bay. There was a touch of shine on my nose and chin after about 5 hours, but nothing super shiny! Towards the 10 hour mark I was getting more dewy, but nothing a touch up would fix! Very impressed by this- it look slightly cakey close up but didn’t feel as oil as it would be.

over : primer, green concealer, light concealer,  foundation, normal mattifying powder

After trying the above the previous day I want to see how it’d with with another powder. I only placed the powder on my t-zone, nose and chin as they are the problem areas. Again, it blended in well with no white cast look. It didn’t work as well as the above- but I think I shall try it with this Gosh first and then my normal 17 powder.

Test 2 – As A Primer

 under :  light concealer,  foundation, normal mattifying powder

The little ‘how to’ guide in the pot states that if used as s primer you should use a mineral or powder foundation on top, but a few of the videos used regular liquid. I made sure to test on a day off in case of any mishaps haha! After cleansing I patted on the powder, making sure to add a touch more on t-zone / chin areas for extra protection. It felt really soft and smooth with still no white cast. Liquid foundation & concealer applied well, a touch ‘dry’ around some areas but nothing drastic. After everything was blended it all felt comfortable and matte.

Normal Day – Just popping out to the shops and general cleaning, etc. Normally after 3-4 hours I would start to look and feel oily, but my skin felt fine! There was a slight start of shone around my nose. Only after about 6 hours did I start to really feel oily, still not a lot but enough. The normal chin up to t-zone areas were looking dewy but still not overly oily! Nothing that a further dusting would fix. I didn’t touch up with powder all day- very impressed!

 under :  green concealer, light concealer,  foundation, normal mattifying powder

Work Day – Again, as with the above work times and conditions it worked really well. There was a little shine around chin & nose but nothing some blotting fixed. My skin didn’t feel too oily either- I would happily leave my foundation on for a few more hours after week. I must say it seems to work better with a no matte finish liquid foundation.

Test 3 – As Primer & Setting Power

 between :  green concealer, light concealer,  foundation

Work Day – Under the same work environment as before, I did find that double application did give a slight white cast look but after my natural oils it looked fine. It did settle into some drier patches a little also. By the end of the day I wasn’t that oily at all, but I did miss the extra colour and coverage I get from my regular 17 setting powder.

Normal Day – Double application on a bare make up day is far too much, the white cast takes over and I felt I looked very washed out. It did indeed still keep my oils under control, but it was far too heavy for minimal makeup.


This really does do what it states; yes it works better in some ways than others, but overall it does keep things matte for longer. I found it worked best with a non matte foundation with a full foundation routine. Even just used on t-zone and chin areas it will help control oils. It did, after using a few days in a row, dry out my skin a little- but I think I would only use this on long wearing make up needed days. It does have a very talcum powder scent. For £9.99 a pot, using now and again, it’s not a bad price. I would defiantly give this a try if you suffer with oily skin!


Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Gosh Prime ‘n’ Set Powder – The Oily Skin Savior?

  1. Wow this sounds great! Have been meaning to pick this up for a while after seeing Miss Budget Beauty’s review! So this has definitely tipped me over the edge to buy!x

    Liv | ramblingsofamakeuplover.blogspot.co.uk

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