SALE NOW ON : H&M / New Look Summer 2016

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We’re are in one of my favourite times of year; SALE! If your’re a regular on this blog you will know of my love for bargains, my heart skips a beat when I see those sale signs! Also with every past sale picks posts we have the two regular culprits aka H&M and New Look.

Hopefully all these picks will still be live and not sold out- please let me know your picks below or any other summer sale bargains you’ve found!

~ SALE NOW ON : H&M / New Look Summer 2016 ~

My love for both these fabulous brands is equal, scary to think how much I’ve spent in these stores haha!


PicMonkey Collage

Studded Boots £11.99 – I’ve been lusting over these for a while, but sadly I think only chic fashion bloggers looks good in them or super cool boho chicks. I love the studded, almost ZARA’est look. They look so much more expense for H&M!

Short Jeans £5.99 – Sadly H&M jeans are far too tight for me, but for all you slim gals’ out there go and check out the jeans- these are £5.99!! BARGAIN!

Tassel Sandals £7.49 – Oh I do love H&M sandals..just so simple but so timeless! I love the boho tassel features; to jazz up a plain outfit or an extra hit against a maxi dress.

Pattern Dress £6.99 – I am not a dress person, but I love these 70’s prints and styles. Great for everyday or to dress up with statement necklaces. Great with the above sandals!

Basic Jersey Tops £3.59 – Again, basics are what H&M are known for; comfy, long wearing and great prices regardless of sales! I always have a stack of basic tops as you can dress them up or down so easily.

Lace Detailed Top £7.99 – Yes, yes I know another basics item, but I can’t resist them! I rarely venture from the dark colours so anything with a bit of detailing is even better. Once again super easy to dress up or down!

Crystal Necklace £3.19 – Another item that’s been catching my eye for a while now..crystals have been calling to me recently for some reason!? For £3 it’s a steal as you’d find lookalikes for so much more- the only downside is that H&M do really short chains!

Basic Black Dress £4.99 – A girl can never have too many LBD’s surely, only awkward when one doesn’t have occasions to wear them.. Nevertheless it’s not so bad when they’re a bargain, this isn’t super short (and again, sorry..) can be dressed up or down!


PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Embroidered Top £5 – I just love the patchwork embroided pattern, it’s so summery and boho. A classic white means this stunning top will go with anything, so pretty!

Oversized Watch £5 – I always wait for New Look watches to go into sale, of course they’re not expensive full price but for a item that gets knocked about I prefer getting them cheaper! I love the oversized face with skinny strap!

White Floral Top £4 – This style of top is so flattering on any shape, with the cool summer print it’s a staple with a pair of blue jeans. And £4 is a steal!

Ghillie Heels £9 – Ghillie heels featured a lot in last years summer & winter picks, I don’t know what it is about the lace up look! These aren’t too fancy but are a stunning pair!

Tan Saddle Bag £8 – Annoyingly I got this last week on the 25% offer! It’s such a lovely bag and just the right size; not too small and not too big. I think it looks much more than the price with the detailing- a great little everyday bag!

Gold Necklace £4 – Who doesn’t love a good statement necklace, a great piece to dress up an otherwise plain outfit. I dare not count how many from New Look I own haha!

Denim Button Front Dress  £7 – I wish I was stylish enough to wear these denim dresses, but alas another one for the list. Paired with chunky sandals it’s a multi functional piece!

Colour Block Sweatshirt £6 – These sweatshirts are just so comfy, I would buy all the ones in the sale if I could justify it! Throw on with jeans or keep for the colder months!?

And there are my summer sale picks, I hope you enjoyed this little sale picks post, please do let me know your favourite picks below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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