F.M.F – TBS Blue Corn Cleansing Mask


I don’t know about you, but my skin is not a fan of this humid weather we’ve been having in the UK..mixed with full coverage foundations and oily skin isn’t the best! So I’ve been looking for a new mask to try recently, after the after effects of Quick Fix Blemished Mud Mask I’ve been reluctant to try a ‘harsher’ mask. I say ‘harsher’ in the more deep cleansing masks; I read before using that it does have a tingling feeling when on the skin.

But, as soon as I washed this off my skin it was straight to typing this post…

~ F.M.F –  TBS Blue Corn Cleansing Mask ~


I’m already a HUGE fan of TBS Tea Tree Mask which has been used for years and also featured on here too! As with beauty products I’m a creature of habit and tend to keep to what works. But after reading the reviews it had to be tried; with a 4.7/5 star rating online I was hoping for good results..

Like I mentioned before, I have been a bit nervous to try any strong cleansing masks as the Quick Fix one left be with a lot of redness. It all faded within a few hours but it’s not the best result you want!

Time To Test..!

First appearances show a thick light formula with small blue particles, I’m not sure how to describe the scent; I guess it’s either the kaolin clay or the blue corn? Whatever it is it’s really nice!


The mask claims: ”This three-in-one cleansing mask cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises normal to oily skin; Gently cleanses the skin, Removes dead skin cells along with excess oil and impurities, Moisturises for soft skin and is a weekly treatment.

As always I applied the mask with a brush- it’s very thick but spreads easily. It feels soft and calming on the skin with the pleasant scent. After a few mins it does start to tingle on the skin, which did start to worry me about finding some redness afterwards..

I left the mask on for the directed 15 mins, in that time most of the mask had started to set. It didn’t feel tight on the skin or drying. As this is a 3-in-1 mask when washing off the particles scrub the skin also.

Washing off the mask was easily and the scrub element was just abrasive enough. Before looking in the mirror I honestly was expecting to see red marks..but oh no, what I saw was a true miracle – along with feeling soft and clean my skin looked ultra cleansed. My spotty areas were majorly reduced and the rest of my skin looked 100x better!

I honestly  couldn’t believe how well this mask worked..I shall be using this weekly for sure! All the reviews were true and, shock horror, this may beat the Tea Tree mask for my top spot! If you have oily and/or problematic skin I would highly recommend this one or go into your local store and ask for a tester! (plus they always have discount codes online!)

Look out for more posts on this mask! If you have any mask suggestions please do leave me comment below!


Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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8 thoughts on “F.M.F – TBS Blue Corn Cleansing Mask

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  3. this is by far my favourite face mask – I must have 20 in my drawer but this is the one I come back to all the time! Totally agree with you about it not being too harsh – the blue corn particles are soft so whilst it’s exfoliating it doesn’t make it sore. I suffered with really bad blackheads on my nose and chin and I credit this to reducing the number and size of them my far!

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