Taste Testing : Tesco Ready-To-Bake Cookie Dough

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Back with a quick little baking post today; whilst in my local Tesco’s I saw their new ‘Ready-To-Bake Cookie Dough‘ pack. Cookies and biscuits have featured A LOT on here, so when I saw this (hopeful thinking) instant cookie dough mixture it had to go into the basket. This was in the ready-made pastry / base chilled section.

~ Taste Testing : Tesco Ready-To-Bake Cookie Dough ~


This kit states to yield a minimum of 8 cookies which bake in 14-18 mins, depending on wanting chewy or crunchy.

All you need to do is heat your oven 180’C / 160’F / Gas Mark 4 and allowing the pack to stand out for 10 mins.

Simply slice the roll into (aprox) 1 1/2 inch slices and place onto a lined tray- I managed to get 12 mini cookies. The directions don’t say anything about rolling out the mixture, I’m sure you can make any size you desire- oh just bake the whole roll haha!!PicMonkey CollageI baked these for 14 mins as I prefer a chewier cookie, after this time they had slightly browned and the bottoms were golden. They smell SO good also. As you can see they did spread slightly once baked, they ended up being just over Oreo size.

Time To Taste..

They did have (after 14 min bake) a slightly soft center, the mixture did stay firm. The outside had a slight crunch with a slightly chewy center. Honestly, I would say the taste is similar to the shop baked bakery cookies. Which is by no means a bad thing, I think it’s a lack of vanilla flavour. I quite like the shop bought taste-ness as it’s different. As the texture was quite close they could almost pass a soft shortbread biscuits. A very nice taste and baked cookie!


I’m impressed with how this pre made dough worked; all you need to do it chill, cut, bake and eat! These would be great for a bulk bake or for a cookie dough layer in a brownie?! The taste is more shop bought than the traditional homemade but I don’t mind that at all. From the 300 g pack I easily got 12 cookies, for £1.50 per pack that about 12 p per one which isn’t too bad- a bakery pack of 5 larger cookie is normally around £1. Or to use as cookie dough chunks in something. If you see these, or even better in the reduced section, I would definitely recommend them- or if you’re in need of a late night cookie fix haha!

Let me know if you use pre made doughs like this, or links to your own cookie recipes below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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