Review : Garnier Skin-Active Oil Infused Micellar Water

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You may have seen my Instagram the other week showing the discovery of the new Garnier Micellar Water!? The previous, original micellar, pure-active micellar and sensitive / combination water have featured on here; my favourite being the original and the pure-active. So, of course when I saw this in Boots I just had to test it out..

~ Review : Garnier Skin-Active Oil Infused Micellar Water ~


Now, this isn’t a type of product I would normally buy; as you know spot fighting is my main need in skincare. As you can see, like with any part oil formula, the oil and cleanser formula is split prior to use.

This Oil Infused micellar water claims – ”for dry & sensitive skin, removes even waterproof make up + cleanses + nourishes with no rinsing. For face, eyes and lips – Non Greasy

Like with haircare, anything that has an oil element is a risky choice for me, as I’m already oily skinned. But with the knowledge of the wondrous micellars it had to be tested. This is not stated to have any spot fighting qualities but does claim to cleanse and nourish.

So, first impressions..

This water has a lovely rich, premium scent to match the packaging. It has a slight golden tint in the water, applying onto a cotton pad the formula feels softer on the skin. I suppose the oil allows it so work smoothly over the skin? After two passes with an oval cotton pad my full foundation was removed- I removed my eye make up with a baby wipe so I can’t comment on eye usage. A final third was used to give a full cleanse. It feels almost serum-like on the skin and there is a slight oily residue which does kin into the skin after a minuet or so. Which leaves your skin feeling softer and supple. As an sufferer of general oily skin this feeling was weird, I imagine if you have drier skin this would be really nice! It’s a totally different feeling than the other 3 micellars, without the refreshing / clean feeling you get a rich and nourished feeling. After an hour or so my skin felt both soft and nourished.

If you have drier skin and want a bit a luxury in your skincare this is one for you. The rich, oily formula treats the skin leaving if soft and nourished. However, if you need the spot fight elements to skincare or have oily skin anyway I would try but be aware. I’m tempted to push this more the slightly older skins or for those wanting a treat. For £5.99 this is around the same price as the other large 400 ml micellar bottles- always offers on!

I do like the luxury felling of this water, personally I would use it a a treat for when my skin is doing ‘ok’ rather than everyday. However, if you have normal to drier skin this will be great for you; the slight oily residue sinks into the skin leaving it soft. Not one for those want a spot fighting treatment, but a lovely treatment product. I must say with the oil element and my oily skin I was expecting some reaction..but it was absolutely fine with no breakouts after using!


Please let me know your thoughts on this micellar and/or any others below!

 Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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