Blogging Basics : Budget Resources

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I think this post will be the final, for a while anyway, in this little Blogging Basics series. By no means am I calling myself a blogging expert or anyone of any knowledge, I wanted these to be a helpful and down-to-earth advice posts if you’re new or starting a WordPress blog. I hope these can / have been helpful in some way. Please let me know of your top blogging tips or posts below!

~ Blogging Basics : Budget Resources ~


Unlike some of these fabulous stylist bloggers out there, my set up is very basic; I’ve mentioned in the photo editing post I mainly use my iPhone for pictures / editing. Most of the tricks I have seen from other bloggers so these aren’t original ideas!

Taking & Editing Photos – A decent smartphone camera is sufficient for decent blog images, so far iPhone 4s & 5s have been used on the blog. I use an app called LandCam for editing photos on my phone, then PicMonkey online to re-size and create collages.

Photo Backgrounds & Lighting – Natural light is the only lighting I use! This can limit to my photo taking times, especially in the winter months. If I can, taking the photos in my garden give the best light. However the window in my room also gives good light, I tend to rest a cushion on the edge (I should point out this is a ground level room!) then place my background of choice on top. Speaking of the background, as many of your fellow bloggers already have, the faux granite covered board! For ages I thought and was going to get an actual slab of tile. But all you need is some cake boards and fake floor coverings of your choice. Another cheats background is using patterned tops or bedding. Super quick and very effective.

Photo Decorating Accessories – Again, this may be a pretty standard / obvious thing! Rings are a go-to accessories to sprinkle onto a photo spread, statement necklaces work well in a corner also. I recently found some gem ‘table decorations’ in H&M sale which are so pretty. Even little bits such as buttons or small flowers add the finishes touch to a blog picture. Also, if you are finding an object is rolling off your set-up try folding a small bit a tape and sticking it to the back of the object, again very simple but I love picking up all the little blogging hacks!

Overall, you honestly don’t need the fancy camera or editing suites. Don’t get me wrong- I would love a dedicated blogging rooms with all manner of supplies! The main this  I love about blogging is the learning; from beauty tip to blogging hacks there are so many things yet to be discovered. Who knows where this little blog may go, I doubt anything major but I’m so glad I found this hobby!

Please leave links to your blogs and Instagram’s below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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