Taste Testing : Old El Paso ‘Crispy Chicken’ Seasoning Mix

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Back today with another Taste Testing review / post! I really do love trying out all these foody bits- you may remember the Old El Paso ‘Stand n Stuff’ Kit review from a few months ago? We’ve been trying out a few of these crispy chicken wraps kits and I think we’ve found our favourite! So of course I had to share it with you all so you can also give it a go, let me know your thoughts plus any other kits to try.

~ Taste Testing : Old El Paso ‘Crispy Chicken’ Seasoning Mix ~


I think you can buy this ‘crispy chicken’ mix within a whole mix set with the wraps / salsa. Stupidly, when purchasing another kit I also bought another set of wraps..not thinking that the initial kit included them haha! So to use the spare wraps I went searching for a seasoning mix, which lead to to buying this Old El Paso one. These are 89p for a 85 g sachet from Tescos, of course offers are regularly on!

AIMG_8627s this is the single seasoning mix, for one packet, you need 500g of sliced chicken or 3 chicken breasts to chop. Two tablespoons of oil, 6-8 wraps and then fillings as desired! As per the instructions I sliced the chicken and placed into a sandwich bag, adding the oil and mix- mixing thoroughly to coast every piece of chicken.

To bake, I lined the tin with foil to made cleaning up easier. Adding a touch more oil also to keep the chicken moist. Cooking for 25 mins to insure everything was cooked through!

The smell, as with all the Old El Paso mixes, is so tempting whilst cooking. This kit is ‘mild’ but there is a little bit of spice there for sure. Whilst the chicken was cooking we had shredded lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, peppers, grated cheese and a selection of sauces to serve. I prefer plain tortillas to accompany but chips are good also- the wraps are very filling!

Time To Taste..


I am glad to report the smell dies indeed replicate the lovely taste of the chicken; the oil keeps the chicken moist, with the coating keeping nice and crunchy. There is a touch of spice but nothing to make your eyes water! Paired with the above additions 500g of chicken can easily feed up to 4 people, with double packets easily serving 7+! Value for money wise I think buying the wraps and mix separate (rather than a whole kit) does work out a little cheaper also.

Overall I am really impressed with this mix and will defiantly be using this method again! The whole meal, with oven heat up time, was around 45 mins and the chicken / wraps can be kept warm. Highly worth giving a try! Let me know if you use these kits plus any good ones out there..

I hope this post could be helpful, Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂name

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