W7 Naughty Nine Palettes ‘Nudes’ – Review & Swatches

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It has been AGES since we’ve had any eyeshadow pallets pr swatch posts on here! When it comes to everyday eyeshadow I keep it relatively simple. So when I saw these palettes on HelplessWhilstsDrying‘s blog I was intrigued; her post is a comparison between these and the MAC ‘Amber Times’ shadows. I’m still yet to venture into the MAC products, mainly due to the costs, but as these came out well in her comparisons I had to try them!

I hope you enjoy the review & swatch post- of course I can’t compare myself with the MAC or higher end brands. But for my fellow beauty bargainers out there hopefully you’ll be impressed!

~ W7 Naughty Nine Palettes ‘Nudes’ – Review & Swatches ~


I’ve had a few bits from W7 in the past, I used to love their nail polishes. However I’d never seen these palettes before- I’ve been debating getting the Naked 1,2,3 dupes but I feel like I would need the Urban Decay ones to compare haha! These have appeared in a few blog posts over the last month so they may even be a newer product?

We have three shades in the ‘Naughty Nine’ palettes; Hard Day’s Nights (purple), Bangkok Nights (blues) and the two featuring today Mid Summers Night (pink nudes),  Arabian Nights (brown nudes). Of course I went for the natural shades! I got these sets on eBay for £3.99 each which, like all the W7 stuff, is a great price! I guess MAC is £25+ ?


First of all, these palettes are packaged extremely nice. Yes, identical to the MAC ones but it’s not a design I think they can copy-write! They are 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm which is a great compact size. I’m a sucker for fancy packaging so these are perfect for a make up display! They don’t feel cheap and plastic and all the shadows seem to be set well in place.


mid summer nights

arabian nights

*all images were taken in natural light and swatches applied with brush*

Aren’t they both so so pretty!? I adore all of these shades, the lighter ones especially- excuse my super pale arm on the swatches which you can’t really see! I’ve been using these for everyday work makeup and for a few ‘going out’ evenings- oddly there’s been a few recently haha.

They apply very well with a little fall out on the darker shades- nothing bad as most eye shadows do and a brush away will fix! For everyday I tend to use Arabian Nights– bottom left for base and top left for crease with a touch of the middle left for inner highlight. Sometimes adding the middle right of the Mid Summer Night to deepen everything up. Also the bottom left golden shimmer is lovely for an inner highlight. Mix and matching the shades in these palettes is going to give you some many looks.


For the place of these shadows they do last pretty well, I’ve tried them with and without a primer and either way they’ll last all day. As with all lighter shadows they will slightly fade but not ‘fall out’. Again, I’m very pale so it has a pale background to go onto to haha!

So, Overall..

I LOVE these little palettes; the price, the pigments, the colours- just perfect! I would highly recommend getting both of these sets as they work perfectly together for both minimal and bolder looks. I’m so glad I found these beauties, thanks again to HelplessWhilstsDrying for showing us these! I feel like these other two palettes are now needed now…

Let me know if you have these palettes and your thoughts- or any W7 recommendations below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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5 thoughts on “W7 Naughty Nine Palettes ‘Nudes’ – Review & Swatches

  1. I realy like these palettes I was very skeptical at first because of the price, I was pleasently suprised at the quality of them all. Guess we in Australia are just getting ripped off. I realy like these palattes so much Ive repurchased again and again

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