Rimmel Match Perfection vs. Rimmel Lasting Finish

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I may be super overdue with featuring / reviewing these two foundations! You may know that Rimmel Lasting Perfection has been a favourite foundation of mine for years, the colour match is good and it does last well. However I’ve been looking for a new foundation recently; I really wish you could buy mini bottles of drugstore foundations! As I went to re-purchase a Lasting Perfect, Superdrug had a BOGOHP offer on so I thought I’d try the Match Perfection. There have been a few pre-roll ads on YouTube about this foundation and most reviews seem to be good!

Rimmel Match Perfection vs. Rimmel Lasting Finish~


Packaging & Price : Obviously as you can see, these two foundations have the exact some bottle with the difference laying in the colour design. Both are £7.99 full rrp price but are always on some offer! For a drugstore foundation this a standard price, a bottle of the Lasting Finish last me around 3 months using most days.

Colour : Both of these foundations are in the shade 103 True Ivory, looking at the two together Match Perfection looks ever so slightly lighter.


Product Claims : Match Perfection claims to give a perfected but invisible, pore blurring coverage- whilst giving 24 hr moisture and also with a SPF 20. Match Perfection doesn’t mention anything about the longevity..Lasting Finish claims to give a skin perfecting, lasting finish with a comfort serum formula- with a full coverage containing an SPF 20.

Application : Both apply well with either a brush of sponge, I dot the foundation onto my face before blending. I guess they would work well if blended with fingers, that always sounds and reads odd..

Wearability : 

Light = over moisturiser, under basic concealing  and powder    \   Heavy = over primer & green concealing, under full concealing and powder

Match Perfection; (LIGHT) blended well with a buffing brush with minimal brush marks. The coverage is medium but buildable; leaving a ‘blurred’ and soft finish. With skin appearing more even, I suppose ‘perfected’,  without the coverage being too heavy. Concealer blends ok over the top, I found applying it with a sponge gave a nicer finish. Powder sat well on top with minimal oxidation. Over the day my oil does come through more with a moisturiser as a primer, but it still felt light on my skin. (HEAVY) blended well using a brush or sponge, a slightly higher & smoother coverage with a sponge. I use a sponge to do the first green concealing  and second conceal, so using a sponge for the foundation also keeps everything in place rather than swirling it all around! I must say towards the end of a work day (8-6) it didn’t that feel heavy or claggy. As with any foundation there was fading in some areas, working in an air condition area also! I didn’t look overly shiny and maybe with a touch up of powder it would have lasted for the evening!?

Lasting Finish;   (LIGHT) applies easily with a buffing brush with hardly any brush marks. Finish is slightly lighter but still gives an even coverage. As before I applied a little concealer with a sponge with blended in with no problems. Setting with the same powder also. Toward the end of day my skin was slightly oily but better than I thought it would fair over a plain moisturiser! (HEAVY) again it blends well over concealing and under secondary concealing with a sponge. With a minimal oxidation under a powder also. As this is a full coverage foundation it does feel and look slightly heavier. If I’ve had a very busy work day or have been in a warmer environment, by the end of the day it can feel claggy. Normally it would be around 7-8 pm and minimal chance of going out again! The colour lasts with it also controlling oil well. A second application of powder can make it look slightly patchy however..

Formula :  I believe both of these foundation formulas have changed within the last year; the Lasting Perfection adding the comfort serum, with Match Perfection upping the SPF and replacing the ‘light reflecting’ aspect with hydration. Both blend with with sponge or brush, being buildable also.

Overall : I don’t think I can say I like one more than the other, but that I now have my lighter or heavier foundation. As the Match Perfection has a medium coverage with the blurring / moisturising properties, it’s great for a lighter but still even coverage. The one thing I will say about the Match Perfection, towards the end of the end I get very shiny and have to blot. More so when I’m in work for a full day. I do get slightly shiny with the Lasting Perfection but nothing like with the Match. If you have drier skin you would be fine with both. I won’t bore you again with my love for the Lasting Finish! I’m glad I tried the Match Perfection, even though very late, I think I shall have to inquire about the matching concealers now!

Apologies if this is a over done and boring post! I’m always a bit late with these things hahaa! Please let me know your thoughts on these foundation and any other good drugstore ones out there!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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