Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons – The Nudes

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It seems that Primark has been stepped up their beauty game this year! I think the beauty stands came last year, with of course the influx of blogger reviews. Their PS Lash Defining Mascara featured on here last year which wasn’t to bad if I remember correctly!? Also a few lipsticks here and there too..

But, as always, seeing all the new bits on YouTube / Instagrams I had to peruse the beauty aisles in my latest visit! There was SO much to choose from but with the (already large) basket I couldn’t hold much more- I think I’m going to go back…

I hope you enjoy this little review / swatch posts for these crayons- please let me know any other beauty bits  I need to pick up below! 🙂

~ Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons – The Nudes ~


Matte lips, as you may already know, are my favourite formulas- plus crayons make the application super quick! So when I saw these Velvet Matte Lip Crayons we had to try some; for £2 each and 6 current shades there’s a nice selection. I purchased the 3 nude / natural shades but I may have to go back for the other 3..

As you can see the shades I have for you today are:


Like all of the Primark PS beauty bits the packaging is very  nice for the price! The three other shades were a dark red, bright red and coral.

All three of these crayons apply easily and can be layered, they have a soft / creamy texture and don’t feel drying at all. I would say they have the desired velvet matte finish rather than the very dry original matte look.

Once on the lips the formula is comfortable and also moisturising. I really like all three shades; the light brown may be a tad cool for my skin tone but I love it anyways! My favourite from this bunch has to be ‘natural’. I must say though that they do mix well together; I did add some of the ‘natural’ to ‘light brown’ to warm it up which worked really well..she types as there is no picture evidence.

PicMonkey Collage

As you may be expecting, these sadly aren’t an all day lasting formula. But they will last a good 3 hours leaving a soft matte stain after the ‘velvet’ finish fades. Of course eating & drinking will decrease the longevity! I’m still impressed with these though as some higher priced (see AVON Matte Lipstick Review) lipsticks I’ve tried in the past only lasted about an hour..

The only slightly annoying aspect is that theses aren’t twist up pencils- you only get the initial ‘point’ of the crayon for the £2. So most of what you’re paying for is a plastic case. I know these are cheap but even a couple more centimeters of product would have helped. If you know of any colour brand dupes do let me know 🙂


I do really like these little crayons and will be getting some more when I can- I may even stock up on the nude shades in case they stop! For £2 both the product & packaging is great for such a cheap brand. This PS range from Primark keeps on going well, hopefully with more new bits gracing our shelves soon!

Please let me know if you like these or links to blog posts below! Also anything else I should pick up from the Primark Beauty range 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons – The Nudes

  1. Hi there !
    I’m in love with these crayons too – I have almost twenty of them !
    Let me help you out, even though they’re not twist-up pencils, you can still sharpen them… Fortunately, you’re not buying just the tip of the crayon for two pounds lol ! 😀
    Enjoy !

    Tissam 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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