Manicure Mondays : Barry M ‘Moltens’ Swatches

Hello 🙂

Get ready for a few nail polish ‘new collections’ posts on here in the next few weeks! Today we are starting with the brand new ‘Moltens’ from the fabulous Barry M; these have been out for a few weeks now. I’ve loved their ‘foil effect’ polishes which I think have sadly been discontinued- so hopefully these will be a replacement? As soon as I saw these on their instagram it was straight online to buy- where I got an AMAZING deal; along with the other new collection (tbc) Superdrug had a ‘buy the collection deal‘ and the standard ‘buy one get on half price‘ on the brand, which ended up working together and came to a grand total of £2.01 for 8 polishes…AMAZING! I think this was a ‘fault’ as I can’t find them on Superdrug as I type this 😦 However Boots have them for BOGOHP!

I hope you enjoy this little post- let me know your thoughts if you’ve got them too!

Manicure Mondays : Barry M ‘Moltens’ Swatches ~


Oh these are all so pretty..

In this 4 piece collection we have; Gold Digger, Copper Mine, Silver Lining and Bronze Bae. All very typical metal shades, a darker silver may have been nice also?

Online these polishes state;  ”Molten Metals give your nails show-stopping style and an instant luxe look. Each of the four chrome effect shades have a mirror-shine foil finish that will glisten for days.” They are £3.99 full price which is pretty standard for Barry M ‘effect’ polishes. Plus there is always some form of offer on!

Lets Get Swatchin’!


Ok, it’s safe to say I’m a little bit in love with these beauties! The above picture was after two coats of polishes, one would be ok but I wanted to get the full, molten effect. They are all so pretty and look different in the changing lights.

I would say they have the stated chrome and mirror-shine foil finish without looking over the top! Just the right amount of shimmer and colour effect. The only slight downside is that they took a little longer to dry without a quick dry top coat.

Overall; I really like these polishes, the finishes are really pretty and hopefully they’ll be some more shades soon!? I think Bronze Bae may be my favourite of the bunch, no doubt they’ll be on my Instagram a lot..

Hopefully this little swatch post was useful if you’re wanted these polishes? Do let me know your thoughts and favourites below!

Thank You So Much For Reading!


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