Taste Testing : Poundland / Jane Asher Chocolate Cake Kit

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We’re hot on the baking post at the moment haha! When I found this kit in Poundland I had to get it, two of the best things- baking and bargains!

I believe these baking box kits are new to the Poundland Jane Asher ranges; there are already decorations and baking equipment which I have a lot of bits from. There was also a chocolate chip shortbread box mix which I may have to go and get!

~ Taste Testing : Poundland / Jane Asher Chocolate Cake Kit ~


Obviously, the Chocolate Sponge Mix kit was £1 and (in my local store) the icings were on a 2 for £1 offer. It was only fair to get one of each flavour icing! Like the stands and product packaging all of the Jane Asher range is very pretty. The instructions are easy for both sets; you need eggs / milk / oil for the cake and butter / milk for the icings.

The Cake:

All we get in the box is the dry mix which require 2 eggs, 170 ml milk and 1 tablespoon of oil. The mix has a lovely chocolaty smell which come together quickly onced the other ingredients are added. I used a metal whisk and beat the mixture for the directed 2 mins. The smallest tins I had were 8” rather than the required 7”, after greasing and lining the mixture filled just over 1/4 of each tin.mixAs the mixtures weren’t that full I baked them for 20 mins (directed 20-25) which was plenty. They did rise up to just over half way and smelt very nice, a smaller tin would have worked a lot better haha! After baking and allowing to slightly cool they removed easily from the tins to fully cool ready to then ice.

The Icing:

Both packets need 80 g of very soft butter with a dash of milk when needed. Once the butter is added, with a fork, the mixture combined easily. I found once the mixture started to form icing consistency a spatula was the best tool. Only a dash of milk was needed to loosen each mix. They both have a very true flavour scent. Each mix made roughly a cup of icing, they had a true buttercream-style smell and consistency.

After chilling slightly, I applied the chocolate icing to one half first; the mixture spread well and set. Then the same with the vanilla, I expected the mixtures to blend into each other but they both stayed firm. Thinking about it now, I should have tried piping with them! I think a lot would have been wasted getting stuck in the bags / bowls.

Time To Taste!!PicMonkey Collage

Oddly the sponge has a slight red tinge to it..but it does have a nice chocolate taste. Not too rich or sweet, but very shop bought like. After the 20 mins bake it was cooked through and looked to have a nice texture. The layers were on the thinner side but that is due to my tin error! The sponge has a light & fluffy texture which cuts and holds well.

Both of the icings are very nice also, a true buttercream texture with true flavours. The chocolate one has a very slight coconut taste, but mixed with the cake / other icing you can’r tell. With no separating mixtures and hardening up these icings work really well with the already soft sponge. Of course you could pipe, spread, decorated however! I would get 3-4 packets of each if you wanted to fill and coat the cake


For the price, all together £2, these are bad little kits; yes, they’re not a Betty Crocker but for the price not bad at all! It made a full size cake which with filling gave it more height. With the cake and icings together it did taste very nice- as suggested on the box you could add fruit or other chocolate fillings! I guess this would make a fab treat / activity for young kids- even using it to make cupcakes! I shall be going back to get the other chocolate shortbread mix for sure- stay tuned for another post haha..

Let me know if you have tried any of these Jane Asher mixes!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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