Singin’ In The Rain Mini Musical Review (UK)

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Bit of a different subject of post today, but one which I had to share with you! I was invited to see the Singin’ In The Rain musical at my local Playhouse theater- the last time I went to a play must have been with Primary School! Being out of familiarity with it all I was excited to go and honestly didn’t think it was going to be as good as it was. So I thought I’d do a mini review if your’re into plays or were thinking of going to see this one- I hope you enjoy reading, let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen it also!

~ Singin’ In The Rain Mini Musical Review ~


I wasn’t sure on the plot before going to see this play; being totally honest I only knew the one song haha! From doing dome prior research it’s listed as a ‘musical comedy‘ which sounded good for me!

We had seats in the third row in right in the center- the very front row had waterproof ponchos on theirs…It wasn’t a large theater so the view was very good. The stage is setup with a main ‘action’ area surrounded by the musical instruments.

Opened by (I think) a medley of all the featured songs, being performed by who we thought were the orchestra- but are all the leading actors also! The cast is absolutely superb; they sing, act, dance with complete ease! It’s clear the group have a real chemistry, even when they play you can see them all looking at each other and smiling! There’s not one character which didn’t not stand, some are very nice on the
eye also hehee.. We follow Don Lockwood on his quest for love whilst within the changing motion picture times. The story does jump at bit but the cast just makes it work! I’m torn between them all to say a favourite character..’Cosmo’ is very entertaining!

I would say the balance between songs and acting is perfect, there is definitely a comedy element which is very well done. Even after watching I’m not all that sure on the actual story-line but it was so good I don’t care. No spoilers but the Singin’ In The Rain number was a definite highlight!

In conclusion; this was a fabulous play with a stunning cast which I would watch again tomorrow! Such a fun evening filled with laughs, singing and a little rain. Hopefully we can get into seeing more musicals like this! I saw this at Salisbury Playhouse but I believe it’s a touring show. Any play recommendations are warmly welcomed!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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