Manicure Mondays : Sequin Explosion

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I hope you have had a lovely weekend!?

Previous to this post, you may be shocked to hear, I had never tried this Color Riche Nail Polished from L’Oreal. For £4.99 each I always thought for the bottle size they were on the pricier side for the drug store. However, whilst looking through the L’Oreal stand in Tesco’s the other week these shades called to me..standing together it was a perfect pairing, as they were on 2 for £5 I treated myself!

~ Manicure Mondays : Sequin Explosion ~


Starting off with my Nail Prep routine!

Using the light purple shade Nouvelle Vague 851 apply two coats until opaque, this a a stunning pastel shade which dried quickly.


Once dry, taking the Sequin Explosion top coat is a gradient up the nail- oh course you can do however you desire! Again a stunning colour which dried quickly.

Finishing with a top coat of choice to seal in design!

As a first impressions on these polishes, I really like them. The slim and sleek bottles are easy to store and a good size for travel. Without a top coat these polishes lasted a week with only very minor chipping- bearing in mind I’m always opening boxing and such at work! Please let me know your thoughts on these plus colour recommendations below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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