Simple Skincare Surprises

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Here on the blog skincare, mainly spot fighting, regularly features. Like many of you reading this the search for ‘the one‘ spot cream, moisturiser, eye cream is never ending! Within my 10 years of skincare search Simple products haven’t ranked highly; I’ve tried a few products here and there but nothing really did anything. For Christmas last year I received one of the standard Simple gift sets (wipes & moisturiser in a pretty toiletries bag) and discovered something very interesting…

~ Simple Skincare Surprises ~


Original Simple Cleansing Wipes

Since trying the Nivea Cleansing Wipes I have been trying more brands, the cleansing / exfoliating wipes quickly remove make up without leaving my skin feeling dry, rather than using a plain baby wipe. Still following with a wipes of micellar water to give a full cleanse. I passed on the moisturiser as it’s far to light for my skin but added the wipes into the ‘to-try’ box- who else has one haha!

These are the bog standard wipes on the range, claiming;

”a perfect blend of multi-vitamins and gentle cleansers to refresh and moisturise your skin with Pro-Vitamins B5 and Vitamin E” + the regular Simple ingredients.

After removing my eye makeup and majority of base with a plain baby wipe, these slightly textured wipes removed the rest in one use. Feeling soft on the skin with a moisturizing formula. After using my skin felt both immediately cleansed and soft without any extra redness.Of course this is the main selling point for the brand! From the first use my initial thoughts were that these were ‘ok’, nothing extra special but a nice quick makeup remover.

However, after using for a week or so, in the mornings I noticed my skin was looking healthier; more calmer, with less redness and just a little naturally nicer. I was more surprised of this reaction due to the wipes being their standard (not their micellar or deep cleansing) wipes. I assume these would give a extra cleaning wipe and nothing else! My guess is that it’s the multi vitamins that make the difference? Whatever the magic is I shall continue to use these, for the full price of around £3.50, to use every day, these would get pricey- but you know me, on offer normally half price, these aren’t too bad! So when I saw the new Micellar version they had to be tried…!

Simple Micellar Wipes

Honestly I’ve been eyeing these wipes up for a few weeks, mainly due to the pretty limited edition packing! You know that the micellar craze is one which I feel in love with so these wipes were intriguing..So, these wipes claim that;

”the clever micelles gently lift away make-up, impurities and unclog pores. Skin is left feeling clean, fresh and hydrated without irritation” again with the regular Simple vitamins & ingredients.

These wipes pleasantly surprised me, not that I thought they were going to be bad just that they wouldn’t do anything major. As you know Simple is suitable for every skintype, if you see these wipes on offer I’d recommend giving them a try! I feel like my skin is changing slightly these days, possibly becoming ever so slightly sensitive to the more harsh spot treatments? I am currently trailing a few more bits from the Simple cleansing ranges which should be appearing in the next few months. Any skincare recommendations are warmly welcomed!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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