Met Gala 2016 – Best & Worst Dressed

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It has been forever since I’ve done one of these posts- may have even been last years event?! I know  its a couple of days old now, but I always love looking at all the fabulous (and horrid) dresses they all wear. It’s so fun creating this post, do let me know your favourite looks below! Honestly, I’m not 100% what the Met Gala is all about and who all the people are- but nonetheless I hope you enjoy this little post 🙂

Thanks to the good old’ MailOnline for all the images.

~ Met Gala 2016 – Best & Worst Dressed ~

Best Dressed


Alexa Chung : I really like her simple but chic style which always has a little twist to it, I love the jumpsuit style and the glitzy but still casual finish- plus black is always a winner!

Sienna Miller :  This is a fabulous dress, yet not over the top like some; the gold / rose gold colour is so flattering with her hair and skin tone, with a classic strapless style.

Nicole Kidman : I was surprised that I liked this one! A stunningly design dress with such a intricate pattern- as you see close up its very astronomically themed- LOVE.

Poppy Delevingne : Being a Delevingne must be a very rich and easy life..But this dress is simple stunning- very Gatsby est’ and again not too over the top, 10/10

Rose Byrne : Another person with simple style, such a flattering style and material and again with a slight Gatsby feel. Simply stunning and effortless.

Blake Lively : The girl can never do wrong when it comes to outfits, another sunning dress with the key floral train- if only her handsome husband was in the picture, oh my..

Worst Dressed


Beyoncé : Now, I know that people adore this lady but I’ve never got the hype; the detail of the dress is lovely, but why in in PVC material!? It would be 100 x better in a chiffon no? Soz Bey- it’s a no from me. Plus that over highlighted hair needs to go.

Solange Knowles : These sisters clearly need a new stylist- I’ve never known what she actually does apart from always wear these horrid outfits. Has she just made money from being ‘Beyoncé’s sister’? The colour, style, just

Demi Lovato : Oh dear Demi, without the weird yellow patterns this could have been a nice dress- I’m not sure who designed it, but I don’t think they like her music!

Katy Perry : From a distance this dress is ok, but once you see the weird locks and odd things on it though..The basic black dress style is stunning enough- a statement gold necklace would have been enough surely!
Kristen Stewart : Again, this isn’t a horrid dress but I just think it could have been worn better.The make up is far too bold and I think she ran out of time to get her hair done sadly.
Madonna : I think it’s time for her to stop. There is so much wrong with this outfit; she’s 57, which doesn’t been she has to dress like a granny, but just classy. Fair play to have to guts to wear these outfits, but I think we’ve seen enough love’..
And last of all, can someone please tell what the hell these horrid shoes are;
So many pretty outfits had these horrid boots with them- I know they probably get paid thousands to wear these designer products..hopefully these aren’t a new trend..
And there concluded this little Met Gala post! I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at all my outfit choices, please do let me know your bests ones below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Met Gala 2016 – Best & Worst Dressed

  1. Haha great post. Them boots were Selena Gomez’s weren’t they. Her sunmer style dress would have been pretty, but she added a weird pvc bralet n them boots! I loved Claire Danes light up dress too x

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  2. Omg I LOVE this post! I totally agree with your choices too – I think Nicole Kidman and Blake Lively looked absolutely beautiful! Blake’s dress is SO dreamy. As for the Knowels sisters… God knows what was going through their stylists mind! Great post xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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