First Impressions : SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation

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Whilst catching up on blogs the other day I came across ASomersDay‘s YouTube channel, more specifically her Fresh Spring Make Up post! In which she used the SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation as a concealer; I’ve tried the actual ‘Stay Time’ concealer before and wasn’t that impressed. It looked like such a good coverage and as a fellow pale gal’ the colour match on Amy looked promising..So of course it was online to Boots to purchase! (Thank You so much for the tip off if you’re reading 🙂 ) I know I only posted the Rimmel Foundations review last month..but you can never have enough right?!

First Impressions : SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation ~


As you all know SEVENTEEN is an Boots own brand- I believe the younger sinister of their iconic No’7 range. Many products from the brand have featured on thee blog before- mascaras for sure! I have tried a few of the base products in the past; my everyday all time favourite powder Miracle Matte. I used to love the CC Cream but it was a tad too orange, also the Phwoarr Paint concealer. The Stay Time Concealer has also been tried in the past but I don’t think it was anything special..

Product Claims : ”Its time. Time that your make up had staying power! This full coverage foundation gives a flawless smooth skin finish. That lasts. And lasts. Foundation that stays put for up to 25 hours. Its time. Stay Time.” ( ”Stay time up to 25 hours, full coverage with SPF 25”

Price & Products : Retailing at £6.49 for 30 ml, but there are always offers on! A pretty middle range price for a drugstore foundation, the packaging is really nice with a matching concealer, primer and powder in the ‘Stay Time’ range.

Colour : There are 6 light shades in the range, this Soft Ivory being the second lightest:IMG_8729 For me this is a perfect colour match, the lightest shade may be my actual shade but I like to add a touch of colour.

Application : This is a very thick foundation, but one that blends really well. I have tried it with a stippling brush and sponge and both work really well. Even though it’s a thicker formula it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. I would say the finish is semi-matte, I did apply some of the miracle matte powder on top to control oil. It’s very buildable for coverage;PicMonkey Collage5One layer giving an even skin tone and two a pretty full coverage. When first testing I didn’t use any concealer, but used this in place of- under eyes, chin, nose and t-zone. Which worked really well without looking cakey! As I was sold on (via ASomersDay) it being used as concealer this had to be tested too. There are a patch of ‘visitors’ on my cheek which were the perfect candidates;PicMonkey CollageAnd again, it worked SO well! This is without a green concealer underneath and only a powder on top to set. The area doesn’t feel irritated neither does it clung to any dry areas around it!

Longevity : The product claims to last all day / 25 hrs;

on a normal day (under a moisturiser primer & set with powder) – as with any foundation / concealer over a moisturiser, plus with my oilier skin, towards the end of the day the products do start to feel greasy and look very shiny! But straight after apply (as in above photos) it has a really nice finish. Good, but not for a full day finish!

on a work day (under a primer, with green concealer, concealer & set with powder) – after a good 6 hours, working under air-con, there is a little shine but nothing a powder touch up would fix! Concealers sat fine under the foundation and is still buildable coverage, didn’t appear to be going patchy , a little around my chin as normal. Towards to very end of the end it does feel a little greasy on the skin but, again, nothing a bit of blotting wouldn’t fix! I find it controls my oily skin fairly well- only a little shine on chin & temples as norm.

Overall : I am really impressed with this product; as both a foundation and a concealer. It blends effortlessly, the colour match is great, you can build up coverage and it lasts really well! Used as a concealer this a great value for money, it’s not going to break the bank as a foundation either. I experienced no breakouts or reactions with my oily skin while using. The brand is always on some sort of offer in Boots and I would highly recommend, especially if you’re a paler gal’, to give it a try! Thank you so much again to ASomersDay for showing us all the wonders of this fabulous product.

I hope this little review / first impressions can be helpful, please leave me your thoughts on the foundation or anything similar below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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