Taste Testing : Dr Oetker ‘Surprise’ Cupcake Centers

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You all know of my love for baking a good batch of cupcakes! Whilst sorting out my (ever growing) baking collection I came across these filling packs which I purchased last year. A quick look at the date meant I had to try and use these pretty fast haha! I believe these were purchased whilst on some form of offer- I think from Tescos? Full price they are around £2-3 depending on supermarkets.

Taste Testing : Dr Oetker ‘Surprise’ Cupcake Centers ~


There are three tasty looking flavours so far in this range; Salter Caramel, Rich Chocolate and Zingy Lemon..so of course I had to get all three!

Reading the packets each pack should fill 12 cupcakes; I baked a batch of Vanilla Cupcakes so we could see the mixture clearly in each. The directions state to, after cupcakes are slightly cooled, insert the nozzle into the cake and press filling into the center.


I kept going until the filling came through the top- there’s no limit to a cake filling right?! These all smell amazing by the way! I allowed the cupcakes to cool fully before tasting to see if the filling would set up or go down into the cupcake.

Time For The Taste Test..

Zingy LemonIMG_8192As you will be able to see in the cake halves, the mixture went around half way into each cake which is pretty good. This lemon flavour has a light yellow colour and out of the three, is the most moist. Taste wise these were very true to a real/fresh lemon sauce or curd. A sweet but tart flavour which made the cupcake lovely a moist. Put against a proper lemon curd filling I think it would be a tough choice to decipher between them! 8/10

Rich ChocolateIMG_8191Out of the three this chocolate filling was the thickest. Very rich in colour with a very sweet scent. I would say it’s more of a milk chocolate taste than dark chocolate. You do end up with a good amount of this filling in your cupcake- as you can see it is a thick and gooey texture. For me though, taste wise, it’s a bit too sweet with a slightly artificial flavour. My least favourite out of the three sadly; it may taste better within a chocolate cupcake but for the purpose of pictures it easier to see in a vanilla one. 5/10

Salted Caramel
IMG_8193This was the flavour I was most looking forward to trying! Salted caramel is one of the best sweet flavours..and these did not disappoint. Much like the chocolate the filling is thick and gooey in consistency and a good amount went into the cupcake.  The flavour is very sweet and a real caramel taste. Again, like all three this filling keeps the cake moist and lovely. I think this flavour has to be the best out of the three- I have a feeling (like the above chocolate) it would work well within a chocolate cake.. 9/10

Overall I am really impressed with these filling surprise; a very quick and easy filling application which tastes lovely! Zingy Lemon & Salted Caramel are the ones I will defiantly buying again, the Rich Chocolate is just to sweet for me. Price wise it seems that Tesco is the cheapest, of course offers change everyday. No doubt you can use this flavour filling pouches in a number of ways- no doubt there will be future blog posts featuring them!

If you have tried these, or use them in different ways, please let me know below and leave links!

Thank You So Much For Reading This Post 🙂


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