First Impressions : L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Haircare

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Haircare hasn’t featured on here in a long while since finding a combination that works for me I’ve been reluctant to try anything else. However, since spying the new L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay range I was very intrigued..on YouTube pre-roles, blog the advertising worked haha- plus it was conveniently on offer!

~ First Impressions : L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Haircare ~


In this new range we have a pre shampoo treatment, shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo. I purchased the shampoo and dry shampoo, as bad as it is to say the conditioners rarely get used!

The key selling point of this new range is the Extraordinary Clays which claim to achieve, using 3 refined clays,  to break the vicious cycle of oily roots & dry ends.

The shampoo claims to achieve – 72 hr pure lightweight roots, fluid free flowing lengths and exquisite radiance. A re-balancing & silicone free shampoo designed for hair with oily roots & dry ends. Having very thick and naturally oiler hair these words were like music! As with all of the L’Oreal product the shampoo smells lovely and fresh. I expected the formula to be different, almost dried, with the clay elements but it lathered like any normal shampoo. After washing out and allowing to air-dry slightly there was nothing that seemed different to any other product. Using a heat protectant to blowdry, my hair did feel ‘lighter’ but honestly nothing extraordinary…

The dry shampoo claims to be a clay to spray formula with instant purity and freshness leaving hair feeling sensationally lightweight and instantly refreshed. Again, something that majorly appeals. Unlike a regular dry shampoo the spray formula isn’t chalky at all- a clear dry feeling spray with the same fresh clay scent. The clear formula is a really good idea, as I’m sure we’ve all experienced, not rubbing it all in properly leaving some hidden white marks..After using my hair did feel cleaner and the clear formula made it easier to use.

Normally after washing, drying & straightening my hair can last a good 2-3 days with batiste dry shampoo / re straightening if needed in-between. However whilst using these two products together (only using a heat protectant in between) my hair just about lasted two days. It didn’t really feel greasy / oily but defiantly looked more! The dry shampoo was nice but i’m not sure is it’s the missing chalky-ness that really absorbs the oils..? I have been using these two products for 3 weeks. They are nice products to use but for the stated 72 hr pure roots and re-balancing qualities I’m not so sure.. Out of the two I would be tempted, if on offer, to re purchase the dry shampoo- the clear formula is such a great idea and it smalls amazing!

*I first typed this after using for a few days and now, having used for 2 weeks, I can’t continue to use it. On the first day it’s fine but by the second it feels oily and makes my hair feel heavy. I’ve only been using a Superdrug heat protector spray with the shampoo & dry shampoo. If I’ve had a busier day or the weather had been warmer the oiliness is worse. The dry shampoo is nice however for a second day refresh.#

I must state that I didn’t use the conditioning treatments and that my hair is thick with natural oiliness which may be contributing factors. Like I said already, I don’t dislike these products but there are other shampoo that work better for me. If this are still on offer they are well worth a try- do let me know below if you have tried this range plus your thoughts on them!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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