On Now : Top 5 Murder Dramas (UK)

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TV themed posts are ones that I’ve been leaning more towards, plus with all of these fabulous Murder Dramas on at the moment I had to share them with you all! I am a lover of anything murder drama (see Making A Murder review :P) – the more gruesome the better! These are all UK channels but some do appear on Netflix. I hope you enjoy this little watch list compilation- no spoilers will be given! Please leave any show recommendations below!

On Now : Top 5 Murder Dramas (UK) ~

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Personally, I think that us Brits do these murder dramas so well- compared to the US ones (which are great don’t get me wrong) I just feel these are more gritty / raw. Without the background music and tension we are left with a blunt and real show. Plus, please tell me if you do this too, I find that most of the actors do the ‘murder drama’ loops- I’m also on IMDb searching where I’ve seen all the actor on before haha!

But enough rambling, lets get into these amazing dramas..

Murder (BBC)

There are currently 3 episodes in this mini series, which I came across on iPlayer having seen no promo. In each episode we follow the detectives, killers and families in searching for the story resolution. Every murder is different but equally as gripping. The best aspect of this series is that it is filmed as if everyone is talking to you; which is weird when first watching but you become and feel so involved with the characters. Why the BBC didn’t do more promo (or episodes) is sad- this should win an award for the way its been film, an excellent series. 9/10

Line Of Duty (BBC)

I’m sure most of you are aware of this superb series. We are currently on episode 3 of series 3 with a stunning cast of characters. You can watch from the start of this third series but I would recommend watching from the start- which I think are on Netflix? There are current link from the last series linking with this which honestly, I am struggling to remember who did what and why haha! The series focuses on police corruption, dealing with the darker side of the law. Most of the police characters have stayed similar with the ‘department’ changing. We see some very gruesome, dark scenes but this rawness is what makes it so good.  The cast continues to impress- it’s surprising who you find popping up! I would say this is one of the best the BBC have done; the writing is amazing, the cast is so strong and every episode has made me gasp! A MUST watch. 10/10

Thirteen (BBC)

This is a brand new show on the new BBC 3 which only ended a few weeks ago. Centered around a long lost missing girl who escapes from her kidnapper. Whilst trying to get up to speed, having missed 13 years, there is a lot she discovers and causes. All whilst attempting to find her kidnapper, all be is reluctantly, with the police team. (keep an eye out for ‘Elliott’ ;)) Again, the cast is so strong with a lot of familiar faces! I can’t go to much further without giving too  much away- but trust me, it gets intense. Sadly it’s only 5 episodes- they could have stretched to a few more. A tad ‘that wouldn’t really happen like that though‘ vibe but that’s more me taking it too seriously. 8/10

Grantchester (ITV)

As i’m finding the link I see we are actually in the second series..oops! This one ended last week and I didn’t find there were any past series references. This is the most tame from the list, but still an excellent show. With most series long and single episode there are plenty of story lines. Again a fantastic cast with many a known face- plus the stunning James Norton, who plays a vicar / detective assistant. Set in the 1950’s in a small village there are many dramas and criminals. I love dramas set in this time as they could be much more brutal and sneaky.  A much more milder murder drama series but a great one to watch. Hopefully we’ll have another series! 7.5/10

Marcella (ITV)

Finally we have the newest show of the bunch, with the 2nd episode on this week. So I can’t give you a full overview but from the first episode I knew it was for me! We’ve meet Marcella who has come back to her detective role after a notorious killer has made a return. Alongside dealing with some horrid personal issues. I can’t speak too much as we don’t know enough information yet- hopefully it won’t disappoint! 8/10

 Hopefully I’m uploading this while there’re all still online- if not, apologies! 😦

Please let me know your thoughts if you’ve watched / are watching any of theses! There are few i’m yet to start..it’s fair to say it’s a bit of a obsession..

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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