Review : Poundland / Make Up Gallery Shimmer Shadows

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Last year Poundland released their first own brand make up range called Make Up Gallery, you may remember my Face For A Fiver’ post? In that review I tried to get some base, eyes and lip products. Nothing really stood out from that range for me, there are some good reviews on their nail polishes which I’m realizing now I’m still yet to try!

But any who, a few months ago I stumbled across the eye shadow that was used for that first post and started to use it again. And I’ve fallen in love with it; the colour, the formula and wearability. Since using it again I’ve gone and got to more of the shimmer ones from Poundland- I had to share these bargain beauties with you all to let you all know of these! I hope you enjoy reading this post!

Review : Poundland / Make Up Gallery Shimmer Shadows ~


Obviously everything from the Make Up Gallery range is £1, since launching last year it seems they have started to expand the range in some areas. From foundations to nail polishes there is a lot to this bargain range. There is a selection of colours within the eye shadows but these are the more shimmery / foil like shades. After my initial review of the range the rest of the face products were what you expect from a £1, except for these beauties..

‘Mocha 8’ was the first shadow (furthest right) that started it all! With a slight rose-gold / bronzed colour it is a simply stunning shade. I’m not joking when I tell you that a tiny amount goes a very long way with these; either patted on for a more intense look or blended out for an understated wash of colour. A almost foil look can be achieves with intense colour. The darker two also work wonder for an under eye liner with the lightest a lovely inner highlight.

Colour pay off for a £1 is similar to the Make Up Revolution shadows- the below image was taken under natural sun light. Aren’t they just stunning…


These shadows last all day and just blend so well, yes there is a bit of fall out (when applying boldly) but nothing a brush away can’t fix! Against different lights the colours look different, the shimmer isn’t over powering and can be built up if desired. All of these shades last a whole busy work day also removing easily.

For a pound a pop how can you say no to trying these amazing shadows, I may have to go and try some other! Please let me know if you have tried these or anything else from the range below! Hopefully they will release more of these stunning glittery shades in the future!

As Always, Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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