Review : Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks

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AVON has been favoured brand for years, sadly my local representative stopped a few months ago. On a whim the other day I went looking to see what new bits they may have. Their skincare has always worked well, which I believe is what may have featured on here in the past. Also the mascaras have been pretty good!

On first click these new Perfectly Matte Lipsticks appeared on my screen. You know my obsession with lipsticks has grown over the past year, mattes being my favourite formula. The main tag line for these lipsticks is ‘More Matte than MAC’s ‘Matte’  I can’t really comment on this aspect of them as *sigh* I am yet to own a MAC lipstick, one of these days! Claiming to also give ‘a 100% true look for intense Matte lasting colour and comfort in just 1 sweep‘. Currently on offer for £5.50 (rrp: £8) I fancied giving these a try, of course the colour options were the more neutral of the bunch!

I hope this review can be helpful, I may have to purchase a MAC matte to compare- any recommendation welcome!

~ Review : Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks ~


As always the packaging for AVON products is very nice; the bullet has a matte finish with AVON engraved on the metal hardware and the lipstick. Another nice touch, this is geeky I know, the top of the lid is transparent so you can quickly see which colour is which!

The colours I purchased were; Au Naturale & Pure Pink IMG_8337There are 15 tempting shades in the range, all the following images were taking under natural light.

On first swatch they are immediately matte and, as claimed, one sweep gives a full pop of colour pay off.IMG_8341They feel creamy when applying and have a soft matte finish. I want to say their scent is slightly citrus-y but nothing bold or over powering. Au Naturale has a orange, neutral tone with a warm colouring & Pure Pink is a rich, blue tone shade with cool colouring. For purchasing with no real swatched these aren’t to bad haha!

Time To Test!

So, to test how long these last and stay matte I tested these over a work day; 8-5 with (a lot of) talking, drinking and in different climates.

Au Naturale : A very creamy formula with a rich colour, may be a tad too warm to my complexion but with the right make up it looks ok. The formula continued to feel creamy for the first hour or so. I did feel like the formula set on my lips as much as I couldn’t feel the creamy texture. However, at work, around lunch time the colour towards the center was fading, after eating & drinking most had rubbed off. Still with some left around the sides, as it’s a lighter shade it wasn’t to obvious but still not that great. Under bright lights the colour does get lost slightly, of course given the name we’re not gonna’ get a bright pop of colour but I was hoping was a stronger tone. 5.5/10

PicMonkey Collage

Pure Pink: On first application the formula feels very creamy and the product glides onto the lips easily. Not sure I would say 1 ‘sweep’ gave me a fully opaque colour but two was better. The formula continued to feel soft on the lips with no apparent scent. After 10 mins the lipstick still felt soft and malleable, it did transfer when patted with a cotton pad. Wearing, or rather attempting to, it all day didn’t go still felt soft and didn’t dry out / set as like thee above. After having lunch most of it has worn off, leaving it with the awkward lip line look.  The colour is nice with a full make up look, not impressed with the formula..5/10

To Conclude..

I’m not all that impressed with these..for a ‘long lasting matte finish‘ I wouldn’t say they are so. I expected some transfer with drinking with some gradual fading but nothing as fast as these did. To wear out for a short amount of time, for the colours, they are pretty shades. For a matte formula I expected them to set on my lips and almost dry out. Honestly though, if they have been compared to MAC lipsticks this would put me off trying MAC; I’m annoyed that I payed the discounted £5 each (rrp £8) let alone if I had gone for a £15 MAC one! I may have been sent ones with the dodgy formula, but if you have tried these please let me know- it may even be a colour thing?

Sorry to put a downer on what I wanted to be a positive review! Any matte lip colour / brand suggestions are warmly welcomed..

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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