Netflix ‘Love’ Series : Review & Thoughts

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Following from my Making A Murderer Post the other week, I thought a similar post about the new Neflix series ‘Love’ would be fun!? TV / Film reviewing may not be one of my strengths,  apologies in advance..But who cares right?

Netflix ‘Love’ Series : Review & Thoughts~

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Prior to watching this I think I had seen a few pre-role trailers on YouTube; in which we see two characters have an awkward decision clash. From this I assumed the show would focus on these two characters and their (possibly) troubled relationship. This wasn’t a show I planned on watching, having finished yet another series on Netflix I thought I would watch to first episode out of curiosity. Overly lovey-dovey shows aren’t my ones of choice!

In the first episode we meet our two main characters; Mikey & Gus. Two very different characters living different lifestyles. After both having a troubled evening, by pure chance, they bump into each other in a coffee shop. After the un-conventional meeting they start to strike up a friendship, whilst dealing with their lives. I don’t want to give away too much detail!

Mikey is a bold and confident character, nothing seems to faze her and see just does what she wants! Gus is a sensible, likable guy with a slightly dorky side – in the nicest way! As characters they are total opposites but they both start to care more for one another. All I’ll say is that that do strike up a romantic relationship

I thought this would be a conventional lovey themed show; showing us the perfect relationships and such. But this wasn’t as straightforward or even cliche as that. I’m no relationship expert, so it was refreshing to watch a ‘relationship themed’ show in which it wasn’t a quick get-together. As in they start and continue as friends and gradually become closer. Rather than the quick meeting (and other developments) into flourishing relationship in the first episode. The online tag line is a “down-to-earth look at dating”.

Both of the main characters do surprise the audience within their personal lives. Keeping each with a few strong friends so you don’t get lost in all the character roles. Being from the UK I didn’t know of the actors before watching, I assume they have some standing in the US? After watching it on a whim one evening I ended up watching 3 episodes in a row. Each are half an hour long so it’s easy to keep watching! Season one gives us 10 episode, after looking online there hopefully will be another season next year!

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did! It’s nice to see a different take in the dating / relationship themed show. Our main characters are both interesting with their different lifestyles keeping us watching. If, like me, your’re not a fan of the regular love filled show this differs from the rest. Easily to binge watch in a day, or do a few episodes an evening it’s a light hearted show to watch. Definitely one to watch, even just the first episode to see what you think!

I can’t wait for the next season; a show which I didn’t think I’d like, but ended up finishing in a few days! A different take on the regular rom-com. 8/10

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve watched the series below, with any Netflix recommendations!

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