Easter Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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We are back with cup cake decorating post today- you know how much I love a bit of cake decorating! With Easter approaching within a few weeks I thought it only fitting to do some seasonal baking. Even though, here in the UK, eggs and such have been out in the shops since January! But any who’, I thought I would have a go at some Easter themed designs and share them with you all- please leave me link to your Easter baking below..

~ Easter Cupcake Decorating Ideas ~


For these cupcakes you could do any flavour of cupcake you desire- I went for a mix of chocolate and vanilla. Plus a batch of vanilla buttercream, see my Baking Basics post for the two recipes! (save filling up this post with the recipes again)

Easter Egg Nest Cupcake


You Will Need : cup cake flavour of choice, green butter cream, small palette knife, ‘grass’ piping tip, piping bag, chocolate flakes, mini eggs

Take a cupcake (level off if needed) and apply an even layer of green buttercream. Place some more buttercream in a piping bag with a ‘grass’ tip; pipe a thick (slightly raised) boarder around the side. Allow to firm in the fridge for a few mins. Whilst chilling, cut up the flake into short piece to make the nest- make sure to keep the crumbs! Take the cupcake and begin to make up the nest in the center, once built up place a small amount of buttercream in the middle to attach 3-4 mini eggs. Scatter a few of the flake crumbs over the eggs to hide any icing!

Easter Patterned Cupcake


You Will Need : cup cake flavour of choice, butter cream of choice, small palette knife, selection of bright ready made icing colour, Easter shape cutters, a little water to attach

Take a cupcake (level off if needed) and apply  some buttercream to level. Roll out your first colour of icing and cut a circle to fit cake and place over icing. Using cutters of your choice (the set I used was from White Stuff sale oddly enough!) and begin to build up a pattern. Attach even icing segment with a little water- chill to set!

Creme Egg Cupcake


You Will Need : chocolate cupcake, 1/2 – 3/4 creme egg per cupcake

Make the chocolate cupcake batter and fill each case just over half way. Cut your creme eggs in 1/2 – 3/4 (depending on how much you like them haha!) and place into the middle of each case. The left over tops can be stacked for one cupcake. Bake for 13-15 mins and allow to cool. Alternatively you could put a few mini creme eggs (un-cut) in each case as more or a surprise filling. A whole large creme egg may even work better still!?

And there you have some quick & easy Easter cupcake designs! Really simple to put together and would be a lovely treat for an Easter get together or luncheon. Please do let me know if you try any of these and link to your own Easter treats below!

Thank You So Much For Reading!

Happy Baking!


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