F.M.F : Superdrug De-Stressing Aloe Vera Mask

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You may remember my previous review of these little Superdrug masks from the other week- Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask ! When I purchased these were on a 2 for £3 offer so it seemed silly not to hehe. I really liked the previous Superdrug mask, the only little issue was that it gave me a little redness in certain areas..

But any who- being one for always trying a face mask today we have;

~ Superdrug De-Stressing Aloe Vera Mud Mask ~


This mask is for those of us with normal to combination skin and will leave you with a soft and radiant complexion whilst deeply cleansing and purifying pores. As this mask is Aloe Vera I assumed it would be for the more sensitive and possibly redness suffering skin types.

After cleansing my skin I applied this clay mask with a small foundation brush, avoiding the lip and eye areas as directed.

The mask felt immediately cooling and has a clean aloe scent which is very relaxing. After a few minuets my skin began to ‘tingle’ slightly and it felt like this mask was working it’s (hopefully) magic on the skin. The light green colour dried to a white and felt tighter on the face as it did so.The mask is very calming and the scent is lovely!

Washing the mask off after 15 mins was fine, my skin continued to feel cooled and cleansed. However I still had the slight redness around my temples..I don’t know what or why this is! As stated, my skin felt soft and refreshed and my overall skin appearance looked better.

I would have to say that this was a very relaxing and de-stressing mask due to the cool sensation and calming scent. If you are in the market for a relaxing mask this one in great- one which I shall be using again for sure!

As always, let me know your thoughts if you have tried these masks plus any recommendations down below!

Thank You So Much For Reading!


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