First Impressions : Pro Oval Make Up Brush Dupe

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Whilst watching all the ‘magic’ make up videos on Instagram, I became more intrigued by the use of these odd looking brushes..I’m not too sure on the name of these brushes as each brand slightly differs; C6, Pro Oval and brands MAC & Artis have their own line. These brushes come in all sizes and used to do contour, foundation and lips. It looked like a interesting tool, one which I had to try!

Luckily I found them on eBay for the best price plus stocked in the UK. Some of the MAC & Artis sets are around £200!? From eBay this brush was £3.49 – prices do differ slightly.

I couldn’t wait to try this brush and share with you this first impressions post, I haven’t seen these around the blog-asphere so hopefully this budget / dupe version review can be helpful! As always please let me know if you have tried these brushes and links to your reviews below!

~ First Impressions : Pro Oval Make Up Brush Dupe ~


At first look this brush is about all long as my hand and feels well made. With a black plastic handle and small oval (large grape size) brush top. It does look very stylish and good for the price. The brush bristles look and feel thick and dense, but are very soft to the touch. Before testing I washed the brush thoroughly.


Before using I had mixed thoughts on this contraption; either it was going to give me the flawless Instagram finish or give my a streaky look of my face! After priming my skin I dotted on, as I normally do, my foundation around my face. Then taking the brush and beginning to buff it in using circular motions. My only reference was from Instagram videos so it was a trail and error application process!

I am pleased to report that it does work really well; with the dense but soft bristles it quickly works in the foundation without a leaving a streaky finish. Used in both a buffing and dabbing motion it gives a even and soft finish. My foundation (Rimmel 25 hrs) also felt lighter on my skin, compared with using a sponge, when done. Still with the good coverage but a much lighter feeling. Using with my concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection) it worked well to, I tried the more dabbing motion as I feel it gives a heavier coverage which worked well.

Overall I am really impressed with this odd looking make up brush! No way would I pay the full professional prices mind you. My initial thoughts were mixed; but the dense brush gives a quick, flawless coverage without a streaky finish. For the £3-4 UK eBay price they are well worth a try if you were debating doing so! I shall be continuing to use this brush, maybe even trying the other sizes?!

As always, please let me know if you have tried these brushes and links to your posts below- do let me know if you try one too! I hope this post was helpful if you were looking to try one of these brushes.

Thank You So Much For Reading This Post 🙂


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2 thoughts on “First Impressions : Pro Oval Make Up Brush Dupe

  1. I’ve been seeing these brushes all over the place on Instagram too. My favourite ones are the tiny baby ones – so adorable! Sounds like you got a great steal. What did you search for on ebay?

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