Mothers Days Gift Ideas 2016

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March is a busy months for celebrations- plus I can’t (sorry to be cliché) believe we’re in March already! Sunday 6th gives us Mothering Sunday this year; this is one of my favourite celebrations, it’s always so easy to buy for Mum’s. So I thought I would put together a little post of some of the gift ideas out there. Some bits I picked up back in the January sales- hopefully I can still find them haha!

Some places do limited edition Mothers Day selections or versions of existing products. Indeed some gifts can be very pricey, but do not worry these will all be very purse friendly! Please do let me know your ideas an/or posts below!

Mothers Days Gift Ideas 2016 ~

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Who doesn’t like chocolates, they have to be the safest best for any gift occasion! There are SO many chocolate companies out there and offering all sorts of offers and personalisation available. From £4-5 box from a supermarkets ‘posher’ range or £10+ on a fancy Hotel Chocolat selection. If in doubt this is the option to go for!


A simple piece of nice jewellery can be a lovely gift; single pendant necklace or intricate bracelet. For me all accessories are better kept simple, even a pair a single stud earring. Much like the chocolate (and the below flowers) there are so many retailers and offers on the market. Somewhere like Accessorize does some stunning pieces for great prices. Presented in a cute box the little touches make all the differences.


From a small bunch of tulips to a big bunch of roses flowers, much like chocolates, are always a great gift idea. Again, from the supermarkets to the bigger retailers there are flowers for every budget- in pots, wrapped or even given with chocolates flowers are always a winner choice!

Cath Kidson Mugs

I have got one of these for my Mum already, I actually got in in T X Maxx last month for I believe half price (£3.99). We already have a few of the bigger mugs but this one a little smaller. Cath Kidson always makes me swoon with their home wear collections, I was hoping to find a single teaspoon to go with it but they only sell them in packs- if you know anywhere that seels them please let me know!


You can probally guess that I will be baking a few things for Mothers Day! Most likely some floral cupcakes or some form of shortbread collection. Homemade gifts, edible or DIY, always add a personal touch to a gift. If I had the means / resources I would try and make my own card- I dare not start another crafting obsession haha!

Hobby Related Gift

This is on open category- if your mum has a hobby such as baking, crafting, exercise something that falls into the category could be really helpful to them. Something you remember them saying they might like or something you know they would never buy for themselves. My mum is a avid crafter, as Christmas I made her a ‘tin-of-thing’ filled with little gems, tools and accessories I could find mostly in Poundland & eBay for a few pounds each.

So there are my 6 little ideas for Mothers Days gifts, I guess most of you have already got your lovely gifts sorted! Buying for my mum is the easier things and I’m always seeing little bits that she’ll like. Be sure to let me know your ideas or posts below, I hope these ideas could be helpful in some way!

I hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day!

Thank You So Much For Reading This Post 🙂


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