Taste Test : Homepride Hunter’s Chicken Bake

Hello 🙂

The other day I had a craving for something chicken themed for dinner, plus walking by the meat section with the lush smell of roasting chickens..apologies if your a vegetarian!

As great as a roast chicken is, I couldn’t be bothered with all the work- so I went in search of a chicken bake mix! I have used this mix in the past and (from my recollection) it wasn’t too bad. Being one for loving testing out anything food this seems like a good blog post idea- I hope you enjoy reading!

~ Review : Homepride Hunter’s Chicken Bake ~


As per the directions on the jar, we should have a Hunter Chicken (for 4 people) in 3 steps;

1. pre-heating oven, 2. prepping the chicken and cooking it through, 3. adding the sauce and cheese and allowing to fully cook through!

I only used three chicken breasts and 1 large piece of bacon was enough for each piece. Before wrapping the bacon around the chicken I trimmed off most of the fat, also allowing it to cook at the first stage fro an extra 5 mins to fully crisp up the bacon.

Once firstly cooked you simply pour over the sauce and sprinkle over the cheese. You could use any type of cheese, I will admit to you a lot more than the 50g was used..cheese makes everything better though, right hahaa!PicMonkey CollageAfter the second cooking, for 25 mins, the dish is done. Whilst everything had been cooking, for the sides we went for potato wedges and mixed fresh vegetables. The chicken smelt lovely and was a one-pot job.

The final taste did not disappoint; the sweetness of the bbq sauce with the still juicy chicken was perfect;IMG_8145Cheese running through the sauce with the still slightly crisp bacon wrapped around the chicken. As I did this for 3 not four there was a fair bit of excess sauce- as nice as it was we could finish it all!

Overall I am really pleased with how this dinner turned out; it was all done in three steps and you can have a variety of sides with it. I would think you could stretch the sauce and add up to 6 pieces of chicken?! The sweetness of the sauce is tangy and very much like a generic restaurant dish. There are a few different chicken mixes which I will hopefully be trying soon; the mustard and honey sauce is tempting me a lot! Well worth a try if you love hunters / bbq chicken and want a quick and easy dinner!

Let me know if you have tried these mixes and your thoughts plus mix recommendations below! Or if you have a homemade recipe on your blog?

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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