Netflix ‘Making A Murderer’ : Review & Thoughts

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A bit of a different theme of blog post this morning..following on from my Currently Loving post and being inspired by lilyoxo ‘s post the other day!

*Before we get into this post; if you haven’t, but are planning to, watched this show please don’t read as I don’t want to give any spoilers away! Also this post is just for ‘fun’ and nothing serious is trying to be implied.*

~Making A Murderer : Review & Thoughts ~

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I assumed that this series was, show by show, about a different murderer showing their crimes and reasons why. The 10 series documentary follow the trails and court battles within Steven Avery’s troubled life. From the first episode I was hooked!

The first charge we see Avery being charged with is attempted rape and GBH against a women on a beach in 1985. This horrible incident against the poor women was top news at the time and a big investigation in the county and country. It seemed that Avery was quickly accused with some pretty strong evidence against him! However, when in court we hear his witnesses and alibis to prove that he wasn’t in the areas at the time. Plus at the time his partner had just given birth to twins and (I think) he already had 3 young children. With the evidence and alibis I honestly thought ‘how could it have been him?’ – a man with young children and newborn twins, who wasn’t in the close area and had valid evidence! Sadly the courts found him guilty and he was sentenced to 20+ years. After 18  they found DNA evidence that proved he didn’t commit this disgusting crime, but that it was a known and suspected criminal!

After all these wrongly accused years in prison, it’s understandable that he sought some compensation after his release. There had been doubts about the county criminal departments and if everything was done to protocol surrounding the case..

Rightly, Avery received a cash settlement and started to somewhat re-build his life again. However in 2005 things started to boil again after the shocking and saddening disappearance of Teresa Halbach, a car magazine photographer. After being reported missing it appeared that the last place she visited was the Avery property. To which the horrendous murder stories began to unfold. Of course he denied any involvement, once again the conspiracy’s with himself and the county jails begin. But, evidence against him keep appearing;her car ‘hidden’ within his property, car key in his trailer and bodily remains around the site. Throughout the trails Avery keeps is innocent plea held high- I won’t try and explain everything as it is all so complex!

In the penultimate episode we see the trail against Brendan Dasey who has had high involvement in the Halbach case; after awkwardly confessing to witnessing and implementing the horrid actions to Teresa. It all stemmed from him going over to Avery’s trailer and ‘apparently’ becoming part of this twisted incident. I must say, watching Dasey with his differing confessions is both frustrating and confusing..this young man (under ‘suspicious’ questionings) does confess & claim to some horrid actions. Watching him being interrogated it’s clear that he isn’t very ‘bright’ and it his answers are confused and inconsistent. Changing his story from he did see / do things to he didn’t I think proves that he isn’t really sure of anything- like they said, is this just a young person who is having their naive-ness used against him..?

I honestly couldn’t give you a straight answer to this Halbach case..Throughout watching I kept thinking how obvious all the evidence seemed to be: the car was ‘hidden’ but the way it was covered made it look obvious to a searcher, you would think he would have cleaned any blood or evidence up and to do all this right where he lives would be too obvious!? Looking at Dasey’s case, once you say things like he did it’s very hard to take them back or not believe someone. He was a hard person to read up on the stand, all this mixed with his changing stories he did bring this on himself. I think life imprisonment was too much though.  Watching his lawyers find all the small but major parts of evidence against the county departments was fascinating and all the work was compelling to watch. It is a huge accusation against the county departments and I understand each sides pros and cons..

Again, this case is very confusing and complex and with all aspects very well done. For Netflix, is it a superbly made series and all the work within in needs high recognition! It may be something we never know the true answer of..after all this time it is a sad story for both parties involved.

If you are a lover of crime & murder investigation shows this is a great one to watch. A show that you have to pay attention to as to not miss any details. A very big congratulations to Netflix for this series and hopefully there are more of these documentaries to come!

If you have watched this show please let me know your thoughts or links to your posts like this! Plus any other good documentaries like this out there!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this slightly different post today!

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