F.M.F : Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

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Another Face Mask Friday for use today!

I’ve always looked at these little Superdrug face mask tubes, I believe there are 4 different masks in the range. They are a great little size for either trying out or traveling- plus for the price there are worth a try. I picked up two (tbc) on offer a few weeks ago. So this week we shall be shall be typing about:

~ย Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask ~


This dead sea mud mask claims to unclog pores, draw out dirt and impurities leaving skin feeling soft and revitalised. And is suited for normal to oily skin types.

Following the guidelines, I applied the mask and left for 15 mins.

On first application, the clay formula is a very runny and has a strong masculine / aftershave scent. Which did fade slightly but not something I’m that keen on. When first applied it felt tingly on the skin but also slightly cooling.

Within the 15 mins drying time, thinner parts of the mask had dried to a light grey / green shade. Around my nose you could clearly see the pores! I did apply the mask a tad too thickly in some areas.

Washing off the mask was easily and came off quickly. Weirdly the water afterwards looked very dirty- not the grey / green colour of the mask..maybe that just shows hoe much I needed to use it hahaa!

However, similar to the Quick Fix Anti-Blemish Mask I reviewed a few weeks ago, I was left with some red patches / marks on my skin..THANKFULLY not as bad as the last time; mainly around my temples. There was no pain to touch on the markings. Luckily within an hour the marks had calmed down- I think there must be something in these clay masks that my skins has decided it doesn’t like anymore..or I’m getting old!

Aside from the minor negative, the mask did leave my skin feeling soft and looked well cleansed.I could see a marked improved on my chin area where there were a few visitors! I think I shall have to try it again to see the results, I may just apply to t-zone and chin to avoid the marking.

If you can find these masks on offer I would say give the a go- maybe not if you have sensitive skin! Please let me know if you have tried this mask and how you got on. Plus your thoughts on any of the Superdrug face masks below!

Thank You So Much For Reading!

~ B ~

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