Manicure Mondays : Barry M Gellys SS16 Collection

Hello 🙂

Like many of my fellow Barry M addicts out there, when they posted about their new Spring / Summer Gelly colours my heart skipped a beat! These stunning pastel shades just had to be added to my (ever growing) collection. Plus when I ordered my first 3 it turned out I had enough Boots points to pay with- so they were basically free! It seems that Boots have only got the new Gellys at the moment as Superdrug has the new Speedys.

So I thought I would share these beauties with you today along with some swatches- you may have seen them on my Instagram already. It’s safe to say I’m already in love with these pastel shades, which we shall no doubt be seeing on here in the near future..

I hope you like this post, let me know if you’ve picked any of these polishes up plus links to your posts below!

~ Manicure Mondays : Barry M Gelly SS 16 Collection ~


Aren’t these brand new Barry M Gelly shades just dreamy…

Yes I know they have similar sisters in the ranges and yes, one could argue they are very similar in tones…but how can one resist them!?

If I was paying attention when painting the swatched below I would have kept to the same around as in the picture above, apologies!


Working left to right we have;

Acai Smoothie A simply stunning soft, pastel mauve colour. With two coats you achieve a soft but opaque mauve, but with three the colour intensives even more. The was the first shade I tried and possibly my favourite; it’s not too bold for work but enough to look stylish on the nails.

Butterscotch Sundae – This shade is very similar to the ‘Lychee’ shade but this one is a touch softer. More of a skin tone almost, very nice against my skin tone with the caramel (or rather butterscotch) tones. With one coat it could be use as a CC shade but with two the colour is fully opaque. This would be a great base for nail art designs!

Pink Lemonade Again, this shade is similar to ‘Rose Hip’ but that had a brighter / whiter undertone whereas ‘Pink Lemonade’ is more creamy. Like the above it is a great skin tone shade and brilliant for a neutral but pretty nail colour shade. I think this is tied with ‘Acai Smoothie’ for my fav!

Cream Soda Last but my no mean least, we have ‘Cream Soda’; a slightly off-white colour with a pastel yellow undertone. Some bright whites can be too bright against a paler skin tone, like mine, so hopefully with the yellow tone it will be more wearable. One which I shall have to do some experimenting with..

And there we have these four new stunning shades..I think ‘Acia Smoothie’ and ‘Pink Lemonade’ are my favourite picks from the bunch. Again, you will probably be seeing these appearing on many a future Manicure Monday post!

Please let me know your thoughts on this new ranges and you blog / Instagram links below!

Thank You So Much For Reading This Post 🙂


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