Review : NIVEA 3-in-1 Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes

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Is it me, or have there been a recent influx of wipes within out skincare and beauty products? Micellar, ultra cleansing they seem to be taking a stand of their own haha! But, the best thing about all these new products is all the promotional offers of them- hence why we are here reading and typing this post today.

~ Review : NIVEA 3-in-1 Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes ~


I picked up these wipes in Superdrug around a month ago, on offer, for about £1.20. Years ago I always used to removes make up with wipes, before I discovered the wondered of the bottled potions out there. But like I’m sure you will all know, some wipes can leave the skin feeling dry and tight- and end up sometimes making spots and things worse!

These wipes looked interesting as they claim to offer a deep cleanse and exfoliating skin experience- the packet is in fact sealed with a guarantee! These wipes; deeply cleanses, exfoliates impurities and refines skin. With; double sided cleansing and exfoliating action – for pure and matte skin. Nivea skincare has always been a good bet so I was looking forward to trying these out!

The first thing that hits you id the smell of these wipes; a very fresh, floral magnolia scent. These scent does linger slightly but could be a love/hate scent. If you are sensitive to smell proceed with caution. But I really like the scent! One thing to add is these are not to be used on eyes.

As the packet states these wipes are doubled sided; one is textured (bubbly) and the other smooth. Applying in circular motions on the skin these wipes are really effective. I first used one wipes with the exfoliating side to remove the majority of (full) make up and then a second, on the soft side, to remove the excess. Two wipes were plenty to remove a full day of make up.

After use my skin feel cleansed and soft to touch.I have been uses these in the evening, 20 wipes lasted me about 2 weeks. These would be great to take away for a trip or great to keep in your handbag. I shall defiantly re purchase these to keep in stock for those evening when i’m feeling lazy!

If you can see these on offer give them ago- if not just to have in stock! Let me know your thoughts on these wipes, or any other good ones on the market!

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