Currently Loving – Jan 2016

Hello 🙂

I’ve taken inspiration for the new series of posts from MsBudgetBeauty who has been doing the series for a year or so on here YouTube channel. Rather than compiling monthly favourites, posting a favourite selection only when you have a few. There have been a few monthly favourites posts on here in the past but it’s never something I can stick to!

So, having typed that here we are with the first ‘Currently Loving’ post- from food to beauty we could see a number of things. I really hope you like these posts, please leave links to your favourites posts below!

 ~Currently Loving – Jan 2016~


Loaker Chocolate Wafers

You may recognise these wafers if you are a regular Costa visitor; these stacked chocolate wafer sticks are highly addictive and don’t feel to naughty! I had been sent to find these snacks and came across them, for the cheapest price, in tescos. Since then I have been addicted, the thin chocolate filled wafers are light and crunchy and don’t feel heavy or fatty. I almost don’t want to get you to try these and fall in love like I have haha!

The Body Shop Smokey Rose Mist

I’ve always been a fan of the Smokey Rose, it’s a lovely nostalgic scent for me. During the winter sales they had the fragrance mists for half price at £3.50- how could I say no! The smokey but yet fruity scent is addictive and just lovely. The original White Musk is to ‘musky’ for me but I love the stronger, deeper scents. If you are also a fan and haven’t tried this pop in store and have a smell!

Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara

You all know of my love / addictions of mascaras, these new Maybelline one had to be given a try..and boy is it a goodun’! It must be almost a year since they released their amazing Lash Sensational which was a cult hit. This Push Up mascara is keeping up the Maybelline mascara reputation! I live the way it makes my lashes look; the brush gives instant volume & length which lasts all day. I have a review coming soon on this fab mascara!

Mitchum Deodorants

This may be a slightly TMI mention but this is a brilliant deodorant! Normally I have gone with the Garnier Mineral ranges but having tried these Mitchum ones I much prefer them. I always found the Garnier ones felt wet and that I needed to re apply throughout that day. These Mitchum ones keep everything dry and odor free, I have the spray for home with a roll on in my handbag. Hopefully these will work even better in summer but I am super impressed with the formula of these deodorants, well worth a try!

iPhone 5 S

I am probably very late to the party with the iPhone 5 s- as the 6 + (I think) is the latest model, no doubt the 7 something is on its way! It was sad to leave my trusty 4 s but I am in love with my upgrade. The 8GB storage on my 4 left me, after all the upgrades, with just enough storage for the basic apps. It’s so nice to have all this free GB space and a much nice screen to view it all on. Plus the cameras are much better!

Making A Murderer – Netflix

I have been obsessed with this Netflix documentary over the last few weeks! If you enjoy watching criminal / murder investigation shows you must give this a watch. Following the life of a troubled, some may say unlucky, man against his troubles and trails with his county police department. Again, I think I may have to do a post on this superbly made documentary. It’s to confusing to explain, but to compelling not to keep watching!

And there concluded this edition of Currently Loving, I hope you enjoyed reading the little post! Let me know your current favs below or links to blog posts.

Until next time!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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