Favourite Four : Maybelline

Hello 🙂

As fun as it is to collect all things beauty, sadly we forget about the products we once loved! If there is a new release which I turn to enjoy, the past favourites seem to become lost and stored away..

Whilst perusing my collections the other day I came across some old beauty flames! For the last weeks I have been trying to use these products and regain the love. In turn, this lead to a blog post idea moment *ding*; a one brand focus type post reminiscing about these beloved products! A have a few little groups from a few brands on the way, let me know your thoughts on the products and any recommendations from the brand.

So, let us begin start typing about today’s brand;

~ Favourite Four : Maybelline ~


As a whole brand, I must say the Maybelline would be in the top two- tied with Rimmel (post coming soon!). It’s not super cheap but for the price the products are great in quality. There are still a few things on my list to try from Maybelline, mainly base products- any recommendations are welcome!

Baby Lips Balms

These little lip balms are so handy and useful, also very addictive to collect! Within the range they have done a standard, medicated, neon and seasonal collection. Of which I think I have at least one from each! My favourites are the standard moisture one, however the new winter cocoa one was lovely also. Great to keep in the handbag or and work I hope they keep releasing more colours and formulas!

Super Stay Nail Polishes

You will be accustom to seeing these polishes if you follow my Instagram or Manicure Mondays blog posts. Alongside Barry M Gelly’s these are my favourite formula of polish. Plus recently I have been finding them in discount stores such as Poundland, Pound-Stretcher and online! Hopefully they will keep the colours coming!

Lash Sensational Mascara

I’m not going to bore you again with how amazing this mascara is- there are so many raving reviews out in the blog / YouTube -osphere! My initial review (posted almost a year ago!) compared it with the Benefit Roller Lash. A great mascara for a great price, if you haven’t yet tried it..where have you been!?

Colour Tattoo Eye Shadows

And last but by no means least we have the Colour Tattoos, again another cult product! There small pots pack a lot of colour and do last all day long. Quick to use with a dual use as a shadow primer! I have a few of these little pots and again have been finding them in discount shops.My favourite is On-And-On-Bronze.

So there concluded my Favourite Four : Maybelline post, please do let me know your thoughts on the products and any other good ones I need to try! We have some more posts like this on the way!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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