Manicure Mondays : Nothing Else Metals

Hello 🙂

I am absolutely in love with the Essie nail varnish shade; when browsing the collections on Fragrance Direct and looking at swatches online I had to get this one. A foil effect polish which dries super quick!  I’ve never paid full price for an Essie polish, I’m not sure I ever could! For around £3 either on Fragrance Direct or eBay there are a bargain.

The nail polish in question for this week is;

Manicure Mondays : Nothing Else Metals


Starting with my Nail Prep, with a brush of White Vinegar– then applying a base coat!

I applied 3 coats of the polish to make sure is very really opaque and to get the full foil effect. This polish dries really quickly so one thick coat should be enough if you are in a rush!

I love this rose gold shade, it isn’t one that I would normally reach for but I’m so glad I did. I may look online to see if they have other foil effect shades- let me know your thoughts and favourite Essie shades!

Hopefully this shade is still available online for you all!

Until next week!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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