Blogging Basics : Photos & Editing

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As it’s just been over a year since this little blog was started (and by no means am I calling myself an expert at this!) I thought I would share a few useful tips & tricks that I have picked up along the way.

Today I thought I would kick these posts off with photos and editing – for photos I have always used my iPhone 4s, I am tempted to get a better camera but my phone has done me well so far!

– Blogging Basics : Photos & Editing –

After taking the images I tend to edit them firstly using the LandCam App, this app was 99p well spent and I would highly recommend it. On opening the app and selecting the photo, my first step is slightly sharpening the image using the ‘triangle’ icon.IMG_7611Just makeing the image that extra bit crisper, great if there is a slight blur.

If the photo has a warm tone or looks saturated, simply click on either the ‘orange’ or ‘green’ fix options. It’s amazing how these simple changes make the image so much better!IMG_7612As any stage you can undo the edit using the arrow on the far left.

The last few adjustments are the four below:IMG_7610It all depends on the original photo; simply increasing the contrast can be enough. The last thing I always tend to do is add a slight ‘fade’ to the photo to soften it. You have to experiment with all the features!

Within the ‘teardrop’ options you have an array of filters much like on Instagram. On the ‘star’ you can add text / images and rotate / crop.

Finally you are ready to save / publish!IMG_7614By clicking the right hand arrow you are at the final screen; simply save to your library or post to your linked social medias! Or carrying on editing to your hearts content!

I really do love this app for editing photos for all social medias. For 99p it could be one of your blogging best friends!

Once my photos have been edited on LandCam I load them onto my laptop ready to make the blog post.

UntitledUsing PicMonkey to simply crop the photo further if needed and to change the file size. If you have a photo with a large file size (800 X 800 +) it will take a long time to upload onto your blog. I tend to make the images around 500 / 600.

Under the ‘re-size’  header simply type in the correct number. If you have a rectangle shape you may need two different amounts.

Also on this menu you can rotate and crop. You could do all the editing on PicMonkey – I’ve just got into the habit of using Landcam, plus all this editing on my old laptop slowed it down hahaa!

I also use PicMonkey for making collages; most of my wishlist posts PicMonkey Collageinclude one. Ironically I used this to make the image here!

On the first screen, click on the ‘collage’ icon and select the images- you can add to them after!

Mostly I tend to use the ‘FB Cover’ using the last option (highlighted). Six pictures seem to be enough and keeps the finish photo to to good size. After all the six images are in you click back to the ‘edit’ and crop out the large square as prior.

To get the round shape and / or space out the images click on the paint icon and adjust.

Finally you can add text over an image, Untitled

Back in the first page under the ‘Tt’ header. There are loads of fonts and colours to choose from! Easy to re-size and place onto images. I also use text to water mark photos, one how have typed texted there is an option to ‘fade’ the text.

And that it pretty much it for how I edit my blog photos, so professional I’m sure! Maybe one day I shall upgrade but this method has worked well so far.  If you’ve stumbled across these posts I really hope they can be helpful in some way- please feel free to ask questions! Leave link to other DIY editing posts or good apps below.

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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