Manicure Mondays : Maybelline Nail Art Pens

Hello 🙂

Bit of a different Manicure Monday this morning, a little review of these fab finds. I found these Maybelline Colour Show Nail Art Pens online and having never seen these before, plus at a great price, they were worth a try! I’m guessing there are / were a US release or maybe something that we soon be releasing in the UK?

~ Maybelline Colour Show Nail Art Pens ~


At around £6 rrp each they are a tad pricey, but for around £2 it’s much better! I have only seen these four colours (red/blue/black/silver) available. A good selection but a white would have been a good colour also.

I’ve only ever used the thin brush nail art pens, which aren’t as easy as they seem. Plus I don’t have a steady enough hand haha! I couldn’t wait to try these little pens.

The packaging on these pens is stylish and in keeping with Maybelline’s style. They are a compact size which is great for keeping them in a set.

On every use the directions state to shake up, on first use (like most ‘marker’ pens’) you have to ‘pump’ the tip to get the polish out. The colours appear very bright and opaque.


I painted my nails a plain white to best show the pen colours. Again, I haven’t the steadiest hand so I apologize for the drawings!


The pens are really easy to use and the nib is just the right size. The polish glides onto the nail and you can easily create numerous designs! These should be great for some Easter designs..

Colour pay-off is also very good, the silver one was very watery and not as bold as the others- however it may fare better over a dark colour?! The other three colours are bright and opaque and a little goes a long way.

Overall I’m really impressed with these little nail art pens- no doubt they shall be making more appearances- If you can find them for a good price be sure to at least try one! Hopefully there are more colours out there or more still to come. Let me know if you have tried these and your thoughts below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂

~ B ~

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