Sunday Spa : Quick Fix – Anti Blemish Mud Mask

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~ Blog-ember Day 27 ~

You may remember my review of their ‘Calming Clay Mask‘ from the other week- as Quick Fix was half price at the time I treated my self to a few, we are on 2 of 3..ooops..

So here were are with today’s face mask; Quick Fix Anti Blemish Mud Mask 


This was the mask that I have wanted to try for ages, every time I go into Boots’ skincare section I always debate it! Normally these tubes are £5 which was what put me off, I know it’s not that expensive but it seems a waste if it doesn’t do anything. But for £2.50 I can live with it hehe!

Looking at the tube it states that this face mask is suitable for oily and spot prone skin. Now trying my second mask from Quick Fix I really like the descriptions on the back- they state how and what each element of the mask will (hopefully) do for your skin. In case;

” Dead Sea Mud – helps absorb and control oil production, Salicylic Acid – helps draw out impurities and tighten the pores, Tea Tree Oil – helps to treat spots and prevent future blemishes ”  

As always I applied the mask with my flat foundation brush, it’s light in colour and very creamy which makes for easy application. With a slight tea-tree scent which felt very cooling on the skin. Following the directions I applied an even layer and left it on for 10 mins.


Within the 10 mins the mask dried slightly on the skin and looked, in some areas, like it has absorbed into it. In the thinner parts it had dried almost clear, it felt comfortable and slightly dry.

However, after washing off and taking a look in the mirror I was a bit concerned..Around the tops of my eyebrows down in a C shape to my cheeks / jawline was a distinct mark of where the mask had been. My t-zone and chin areas were fine- but where I had applied the mask in said areas it was much redder than usual, with a clear outline of the mask. These areas are where I have minimal to no spots, unlike my t-zone and chin. So whether the ingredients for non spot areas are to harsh I’m not sure..the areas are not painful in feeling or to touch but just RED!


I am typing this having just applied and washed off the mask, hoping that the redness calms down! I want to give a true review and record. It has been about 10 mins as I type since I removed the mask and I think the redness is slowly calming.

As you can see in the photo; there is a clear line of where the mask was, near my chin you can see what I mean with that area not being red. I don’t want to scare people with this but just to be aware- it was not painful but luckily I did this in the evening where it had time to settle! Honestly, I started to panic when I saw my skin like this- I do not need any more redness! Plus I have work the next day!

Reading the reviews online there are a few people that seemed to suffer with the same reaction, I find it so weird as I use the ‘harsher’ products like Clearasil etc almost everyday! And they work wonders- ironic isn’t it to what I typed at the start of this post!

It’s now been an hour and thankfully we are back to normal- oh the relief!

Overall I don’t think I shall be using this mask again, and now I’m not sure if I will try the other spot fighting one I purchased..On my chin it did calm my spots down but for the redness I can’t be sure! It’s so weird as I rarely have this kind of reaction to spot treatments. Sadly this isn’t the tone of post I wanted to type this evening.

Please do let me know your thoughts on this mask and if you had the same issue. Plus your thoughts on any of there other masks!

Thank You So Much For Reading!

~ B ~

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